Thursday, March 31, 2011

Halt....WHO goes there??

Early this morning as I was doing my work in my room, I heard the sound of a big feline stand-off in the living room.

I went out to check and found a big ginger-cat at the foot of the stairs and Indy was defending the house, in a big stand-off with the cat.  Indy's tail was all fluffed up. 

It didn't look like there was any danger as there was just noise, so....

Grab the camera, quick!!

There's the intruder...making his escape!

Once outside, Cow took over...with Indy right behind. 
Look at Cow's tail...also fluffed up.
Yay for the black-and-whites, the heroes of the day.

Indy went back inside to assure Bunny and Cleo that all is well.  Don't worry, we've got it all covered.  Bunny investigates the scene of the crime. 

Cleo checks for tell-tale scent along the trail of the intruder.

Er...what are you two doing? 
Both of them probably didn't know what was going on. 
Well, Bobby is blind and a bit deaf...but Tiger?
Maybe he thought it'll be safer to stay with Bobby.

Through it all, I thought Bunny had become so docile. 
He seemed so afraid of the ginger-cat. 

This evening, my neighbour Siti called me and asked me if Bunny was alright.

Why, I asked?

Well, apparently, according to Siti, Bunny was in a big stand-off with "an orange cat" (the same culprit, obviously) for HOURS outside our gate.  Siti said she tried to shoo the orange cat away but he wouldn't budge.  And through it all, Cow was sitting across the road watching the entire episode. 

Who's the orange cat, Siti asked.  Never seen him in the neighbourhood before. 

I don't know.  First time spotting him too. 

No wonder Bunny's so tired this evening.

Poor little Bunny Bun Buns.

Ok, sleep well.

The hero of the day?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who's watching me?

As I'm writing these posting right now, I suddenly sensed a presence nearby... I looked out of my window and lookie there....who is that?

Hello there...

I know this cat!  This is the small little black kitten that Wii brought back as a friend shortly after Vixey (his sister, who was also black in colour) passed away.  The black kitten was extremely brave and used to come into my kitchen to eat. 

Now that Wii has been adopted, I guess this little black beauty has taken over Wii's space in the back alley. 

He/She looks exactly like Vixey, too....