Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Two cat-wars averted...phew!

Vincent comes back to the patio for mealtimes, but still refuses to eat with everyone else, so I have to feed him at the pillar. He refuses to eat anywhere else but at the pillar.


Ginger accompanies his friend as he eats.

I think Ginger is trying to make peace (remember Ginger started bullying Vincent when the latter had that small paw injury).


Daffodil is watching too.


Meanwhile, Mr Zurik is fine and dandy.

I really felt like releasing him, the poor dear, being caged for 6 days now. Sigh...


I'm confident he will still come back for food even if I release him.

Note that Mr Zurik doesn't eat like a glutton. He only eats as much as he needs.

After all, I'm confined, why do I need so much food? 

And today is already Day 6 of the antibiotics. The vet often plays it safe by giving the full 10 days, but I know some vets only give a 5-day course.

But Mr Zurik is really nice about it and only whines once in a while. I do not blame him at all. It must be extremely, extremely boring sitting inside the cage 24/7.

Meanwhile, outside, I suddenly heard the sound of more cat whining...


Oh oh...Willy has come in and Vincent is defending his territory.


 Er...who is winning?

mini-CIMG6851 the way, the "thing" stuck at Willy's anus has been there for weeks. It's either dried faeces or a dried leaf. I couldn't get close enough to remove it, but it's harmless.


I broke up the whining.

It was just whining. No potential to break into a fight.


Then I realised it wasn't Willy or Vincent whining!

It was Timmy!! He was hiding under the car, whining and watching the entire episode unfold!!

Timmy was probably saying: Stop fighting, you two, stop fighting! Don't fight and everyone gets to eat here. There's enough food for everyone, please. 


Daffodil was also hiding under the other car.


Rosie was inside the house...sitting prettily.


All okay now, everyone's inside.

In Bunny's place, another fight almost broke out.

Is is some misalignment of the stars today?


Pole, who was happily playing on the table, suddenly tensed up.

Why, Pole?

Just then, we heard the sound of growling outside in the back garden.


It was Cow and Indy growling at each other, and guess who broke up the fight?

Yes, Tiger!

Tiger quickly stood in between the two warring black-and-whites and talked peace.

As you know, Indy and Cow are titans and when they fight, fur will fly and someone will definitely get hurt.

So, hooray for Tiger for settling the impending war peacefully with no bloodshed.

Never underestimate those who are quiet for they are often wise. Very wise indeed.


I'm just watching from here.


As you know, Indy IS cranky.

So we let him release his energy by playing.

mini-CIMG6831 mini-CIMG6832

Cow is very adept at handling the string. Once he gets it, you cannot get it back unless he decides to retract his claws and let it go.


Tiger, on the other hand, doesn't know how to let go.

Often, the string gets stuck to his claws and he doesn't know how to retract his claws!! And if you pull on the string, Tiger gets pulled along until we disentangle the string from his claws!


 Everyone loves the string toy!

But Cow wins hands-down at the String Toy Championship!

He is not only super quick, nobody can get the string from him if he doesn't let go.

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Joy E. Saga said...

I wish i have a Tiger at home. My Pedro is very similar to your Indy and my cats Kat, Yasmin, Hope and Kecik are also very alpha. The nearest mediator i have is Faith. She does it differently. She will keep pretty much in the background but when she sees one bullies another, she comes and smack them and gives a sharp meow (while being semi frighten at the same time) to break the fight. Sometimes she gets bullied too (by Pedro). No one rescues her so if I see it, I have to reprimand the bully.

Sigh... cats ... never a dull moment :p