Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Litter tales continue...

I'm still looking for cat-litter, and my hunt has taken me to OkoPlus...

Voted "Best Buy Litter 2006" and "Highly Commended Litter 2007/08" by Your Cat magazine, Cat's Best OkoPlus is the only wood based clump-forming, biodegradable eco cat litter on the market. Made from 100% pure organic fibre, it binds liquid and odour effectively inside the fibre and boasts up to 3 times higher yield than mineral-based cat litters. It is compostable and 100% biodegradable, and, depending on local disposal laws, can be disposed of safely via your toilet. 40 litre bag.

My cats wouldn't use it "neat", but after I mixed in EverClean, they began using it.

Meanwhile, in the other three litter boxes, it's EverClean plus Magic Litter.

OkoPlus is wood-based, clumping and biodegradable. It sounds the perfect litter for the environment.

If my cats "agree" to use it "neat" eventually, I'd probably switch to OkoPlus. Otherwise, I'll mix.

Indy strikes back!

When Indy was younger (and being the youngest cat most of the time, unless we had fosters), he was at times, bullied by the infamous Cow & Bunny.

A few days ago, Indy struck back!

I caught Indy fluffing himself up and terrorising Cow. And it seemed to be working...Cow was afraid.

Now, what's going on and what's the issue here?

 Indy driving Cow out of the room.

 See Indy's fluffed-up tail?

 Indy chased Cow all the way to the Clubhouse....

 And sat on top, to claim victory.

 This went on for two days...Cow wasn't allowed to come into the room.

And while this was going on, I noticed something else, there was no urine spraying in the room!

So, we figured Indy was stopping Cow from spraying....?

Attaboy, Indy!

This tree trunk bench has been the biggest victim of Cow's urine sprays. We thought we'd ask the shop to wax it, but the waxing had not been too effective, and to make things worse, I had not noticed that Cow had been happily spraying on this leg until there were droplets "raining" down the entire side of the leg. We had to sandpaper it to remove all the droplet stains. Luckily the stains could be removed.

But during the two days that Indy struck back and chased Cow out, there were no urine sprays anywhere in the room and that saved me LOTS of wiping.

Good boy, Indy!

Indy's helping mum.

 Feeling a bit grouchy?

 And why are you also looking so grouchy?

 Well, I want to be boss, too. 

Can I be boss?  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Indy meets Mr G...up on the roof?

 I found Indy up on the ledge, ON the cat-trap this morning...

 He was trying to get onto the roof, and guess who was on top?


 Yes, it was Mr G!

 A chit-chat up there?

 This evening, Mr G came really early.

My husband observed him coming in. Apparently, his route is to come from his house, walk along the ledge all the way to the front, jump onto our dustbin compartment, then, get ready for this...he actually walks along our walkway, not on the grass, but on where humans walk, and comes in confidently all the way to the Stargate where his hosts would be waiting. For them, Mr G's visit is probably the highlight of the evening.


 Today he had freshly stewed homecooked chicken stew.

 And later, he had kibbles.

He is still there now, chilling with the gang.

Bunny, the dogherd, Part 2

So, Bunny has taken upon himself, the task of dogherding Bobby around.

Yesterday, Bobby was bumping all over the built-ins, and Bunny couldn't stand it. So, he went a-butting Bobby and herded him into the gap behind the door.

 You stay there, Bobby. You won't bump into anywhere. Just stay put.

 Bunny takes his job quite seriously.

 I'm protecting Bobby.

 When Bobby sleeps, I keep watch.

 Er...I'm hungry now...

May I have some food, please?

The cat tree - after

(In all fairness, it isn't really the cats' fault. It is already an old tree and I washed it yesterday morning. The cardboard inside must have got soft and it tore easily.)

 The good thing with cats is, they do not understand what "broken" means.

What broken? We can still play with it.

 Yups, it's still a good toy!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mr G wants to come in!

Mr G coming for supper is a daily affair now.

But this evening, it's more than just wanting supper.

Mr G now wants to come INTO Bunny's Place!

 This means Mr G is here.

 This evening, Mr G had homecooked food and as you can see, he polished it all up.

 I'm able to get so close to him now.



 This is Round Two (Go! kibbles).

 Chief of Staff wants to be friends.

 Everyone wants to be friends, really, but Bunny let out his war-cry again today...sigh.


 Now, Mr G clearly indicates that he wants to come inside.



 He's not giving up. He WANTS to come in.


 The moment I go peek at him, he gets up from his Fish Pose and comes to the Stargate, meowing somewhat pitifully.

I better leave him alone....

Can't let him in, or he might not want to go home!

Mr G has a home. He lives diagonally behind my house. And he has his cat-friends too. I've seen Ginrella and Shadow (both of the same size as he) and the Snow White sisters.

We welcome him for supper every night, but I don't think we can let him in. Wouldn't want the neighbour to misunderstand.

Tabs plays with Diva!

This evening, Mary brought Diva for a visit.

As you know, Diva was returned by her adopter because the adopter's cat bullied Diva. Yesterday, we publicised Diva for re-adoption and as of last night, one of our readers has already "booked" Diva and Mary will be bringing Diva to her house tomorrow morning. We hope all goes well.

 Indy heads the welcoming committee this time.


 Aww...she's smaller than what she looks like in her photos.




 Sitting on Ming-Yi's lap.

 Er...where are you going, Indy?

 Come, play with Tabs...


 This is our cat-tree, Diva. You can play on it.

 Er..not like that. You're supposed to scratch here, but it's ok.

 This is a little coffee table we just got for the room. And in the background, is the cats' new bench. We've moved the old rattan furniture upstairs now.

 Playing with the catnip p-low.


 Bobby, by habit, sleeps next to the carrier. That is what he has done the last 6 years - look after all the kittens I've brought back. So even now that he is blind, he still does his "keeping vigil" duty. Good old Uncle Bobby! He will turn 16 years old this October. That would be 80 in human years.

 The two play, up and down, and all around.


If all goes well tomorrow, Diva will be adopted into a lovely home.

We wish Diva a great life filled with lots of love, many friendly feline brothers and sisters to play with and a wonderful adopter who'd love her to bits!