Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mr Zurik, Heidi, Tabs and little Elmo

After I finished cleaning Willy's bum, Mr Zurik came again to antagonise Vincent. I must have chased him off at least 3 times this evening alone because he was making too much noise and I was afraid the neighbour would be disturbed. But he is very persistent and keeps coming back.


You see what I mean?

Can you imagine the racket that accompanies the aggression between these two?

I finally had to resort to splashing water to break up the cold war.

But Mr Zurik keeps coming back.


That's him coming back for the fifth time.


But someone else is also coming on a regular basis.


It's Heidi!

mini-CIMG7601 mini-CIMG7602

She heads straight to the patio, but doesn't eat kibbles.


Oh no, Mr Zurik! Enough, please...


Little Heidi is not at all bothered by all the whining. She seems to have her own agenda.


Doesn't she look like Tabs?


The only difference is that Tabs has a flatter face.


I think she was hungry, and since she doesn't eat kibbles. I opened a can of Monge for her.


Yes, she was VERY hungry.

Either that or she loves the taste of Monge.


I can pat her.


And when one gets Monge, how could you deprive the rest of it, right?

So, everyone had Monge as well. Sigh...the 20% diet is OFF track today.


But Heidi was still hungry, so I had to open a can of Natural Balance for her as well.


And everyone got some too.

There goes the 20% diet for this evening.

mini-CIMG7617 mini-CIMG7618

Why are we getting so many visitors lately?

And if you think that's one too many, wait...someone else decided to visit too.


He came from the roof.


It's Elmo!

I found out from his owner that his name is ET.

mini-CIMG7622 mini-CIMG7623 mini-CIMG7625 mini-CIMG7626

Poor Tabs...she is clearly quite unhappy.

Who is the cat you all call "Heidi"?? And who says she looks like me??!!


Elmo stayed on the roof for quite sometime.

I'm just wondering, I've never seen Heidi before in the neighbourhood. Do you think someone abandoned her? She is definitely a pet.


Maneki Neko said...

I had one thought about Heidi when I read that she doesn't want kibble but gobbles down wet food very hungrily. It may just be her preference, or maybe she lives in a home where she gets kibble so the wet food is a treat, but I've read that cats who have oral/dental problems will also shy away from kibble, because it's simply too painful to eat. Will she let you look at her mouth, and if so, can you see any signs of gingivitis or an abscessed tooth?

chankahyein said...

Thanks for the info! I will try.