Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On a hot sleepy afternoon

It's been raining so much, the sunshine today is most welcome.

So where is everyone on a hot sunshiny day like today?


Do you see Daffodil and Heidi?


This is Heidi's permanent spot, at the window sill.

She's got the green netting as "cushion" so that she won't accidentally fall down.

Which cat "accidentally" falls down, anyway?


This is Daffodil's permanent Tropicana Resort nap-spot.


Vincent takes the front portion of the house as he is still the Star Trooper and has a duty to perform.

By the way, another human visitor to our house has reported that she was barred from entering the gate by Vincent when we were not at home. Vincent stood guard and refused to budge. Yes, Star Troopers are well-trained and loyal to the hilt.

If Vincent were a real-life tiger....wouldn't that be good?


Brother-and-sister, Rosie and Ginger, seem to be discussing what they should do with the lizard.

But before a decision was made, we had rescued the lizard and put it outside on the grass. We figured no decision would have been good for Mr Lizard.


No, please don't let this photo deceive you. Our Star Trooper can pounce into action anytime, folks. Anytime at all.

At the pantry...


Indy, the other diehard trooper (of another kind) has found a nice little guardhouse for himself.

It's good that he relaxes a bit. It must be VERY tiring keeping watch at the grille all day. Yes, for intruders.


Cow Mau in a comfortable green spot. Not as tropicana-styled as Daffodil's but close enough.


A pink curtain for Cleo's shelf.


Tiger doesn't need anywhere special. His needs are very few.

The world has enough for every cat's needs, but not enough for even one cat's greed.
Every cat should live simply so that all cats may simply live.

Are you referring to Timmy here, Tiger?


Bunny is in his castle.

The two doors have been discarded because the hinges have completely rusted.

We wanted to discard the trunk but how could we when the cats love it so much?


Tabs on her editor's chair.


 And last but not least, Pole, in her basket with a soft toy.

Animals don't need very much, certainly not as much as we need (or want?). A box, a towel, an old rattan trunk (!), can all be heavenly for them.

Live simply, so that others may simply live - is what we humans need to learn...from the animals!

Poor "hungry" (greedy?) Timmy!


It was breakfast as usual at the patio this morning.

"As usual" means Timmy eats in the cage while Mr G looks on.

Mr G gets his breakfast from home, then comes over to hang out with everyone.


Timmy finishes his meal in 15 seconds flat.


Daffodil takes 15 minutes.

So, Timmy has to wait in the cage.

If he is let out, no one (except Heidi) stands a chance with him. He snatches from everyone...except Heidi.

Heidi is the only one who whacks him in the face.


So Timmy gets let out only when almost everyone has finished and there are only bits left in the bowls.


And Timmy "helps" by polishing up all the bowls clean.


You didn't leave any for me?

What kind of a comrade are you, anyway??


Hmmmph!! Some friend you are!


Timmy is still on the Chitosan and it looks like (as with all "slimming products"), the effect has reached a plateau...or not?


I'm hungry...

Timmy makes a beeline into the kitchen with the hope of finding more food...


But has to settle for....grass instead.


Chomp, chomp, chomp...!!


I'm underfed, I'm malnourished, I'm hungry!!

I have to eat grass!! Yes, like a goat. Even goats have more grass to eat than me!

It isn't fair!!

Is there some place I can lodge a complaint?!!


Food? Did anyone say "food"?


He checks out the sink for empty cans.

Any scraps in the cans??

This is all photo evidence on how poorly fed I am, you know....


Dinner is at 3.30pm, Timmy.

Good boy!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tabs' portraits - " hands!"

My son took these photos of Tabs:

IMG-20131027-WA0002 IMG-20131027-WA0001 hands!


Me is feeling cold today...


Wherever Tabs is, you'll find Tiger nearby.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tabs' fun in the garden

Tabs had been itching to go out for a romp. So being Saturday, I thought I'd give her a supervised treat. She's been quite mischievous lately, so she has to be watched.


Daffodil and Vincent watch her.


Brother-and-sister, Ginger and Rosie, watch from higher ground.


Mr Zurik was still around and he growled at Tabs.


Tabs stopped short in her tracks, so I had to shoo Mr Zurik away.


Ich gehe nirgendwo hin.

(That's German for "I ain't going nowhere.")


Tabs continues to explore the garden, sniffing all the wonderful smells of nature.


You look like an easy target....heh heh.


Vincent, our Star Trooper, comes to Tabs' defense and confronts Mr Zurik.


If you cannot be nice, please go away...


I guess it takes a cat to talk to a cat.

Meanwhile, over at the playground...

willy 1

Willy has joined the pavilion.

willy 2

I'm told he rules the pavilion and the playground now.

Wow...Willy rules!

Hail, King William...of the Playground!


I'll bet Tabs wishes she could run freely at the playground too, but that would be risky.

Cats have this knack of pretending not to hear you when what you intend to do does not favour them.
This is where they differ with dogs.


Unknowingly, Timmy had gone into the house and eaten up all of Heidi's food. mistake.


I just had to show you this photo. It's a very rare sight...two Cow-family members sharing the same long shelf!

TGIF...for the cats too!

Ahh...after a very, very long week, it's Friday!

Heidi makes herself very much at home these days...

mini-PA250220She was sleeping here from morning until now...

Cats can really sleep, especially on a cold day.

Nowadays, Vincent, Heidi and Ginger are inside the house most of the time. Daffodil and Timmy are at the patio while Rosie is at her "other houses", chilling out with her friends.

Mr Zurik comes for meals and he too comes into the house these days. He is welcome, as long as he doesn't pick a fight with anyone. In fact, last night, he was accompanying me as I was sewing a new blanket.


Cats are always curious and they love to put their paws on whatever you do.

I can't imagine how lonely life would be if I'm home alone and the cats were not around.
Yes, they mess things up, but that's the fun of it all, isn't it?


My loyal tabby assistants. That's Vincent with me, Tabs under the side table and Heidi in the foreground.

This is a new Tutti-Fruitti Blankie in the making!

This weekend is going to be very busy for us. It's Kathina at the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association and we'll be there tomorrow night and the whole of Sunday for fundraising for AnimalCare. So I had better enjoy Friday as much as I can...

Living in the moment...that's all we have.