Monday, July 22, 2013

Dinner for all


Vincent eats with Mr G.


Mr Zurik with Daffodil's family and Timmy.


Today, for the first time, Willy attempted to come out of the cage.

Just one or two more days, Willy. We've come this far already.

The vet said to bring him back for a check up tomorrow or Tuesday. If his scrotum is fully healed, we can get him neutered. If not, we'll see if he can be vaccinated yet. Either way, I need to catch him again because I don't think I would want to cage him for another 2 weeks. Between neutering and vaccination (either one first, there has to be a 2-week gap). Although I know in TNR projects, they neuter and vaccinate straight after. There is some risk in doing this, so I'd rather not, since I can always attempt to catch Willy again. Maybe with gloves this time!

mini-CIMG7795 mini-CIMG7796 mini-CIMG7797

A portrait of Mr Zurik.


*sticks out tongue"


I was quite amused when Mr Zurik wanted to step into the cage with Willy!



Timmy has been so good today. He's been accompanying Willy by sitting next to his cage.


What a happy cat!

Don't you just love him?


Heidi came a bit later.

I gave her Natural Balance and this time, she did not want any.


She only wanted Monge.

mini-CIMG7815 mini-CIMG7816 mini-CIMG7819 mini-CIMG7821

A trip to the vet's should uncover something about Heidi.

And while the cats had been fed, it was time to feed ourselves.

I made a mean vegetable curry today. Spicy, by my standards.


It has carrot, brinjal, long beans, red capsicum, lady's fingers and the special ingredient - curry leaves from the garden!


 Served with wild rice, millet and quinoa.

Keeping it simple, folks.

Bon appetit, everyone, and Selamat Berbuka Puasa!


Chen said...

If you want to expand your garden, lady's fingers are also easy to grow and does not take up much horizontal space because it grows upwards. It gets old and dies - so if you want a steady supply, grow about 3 plants or so at different times - eg. young, middle & adult age trees and you'll get a daily supply. Seeds easily available in garden supply shops. Try.

Another hardy easy to grow garden veggie is chinese chives or kuchai or in Cantonese "gow choi." It's basically like growing grass. Start with one clump (buy a small potted one from the herb section of a high-end supermarket). Harvest by cutting the chives as close to the ground as possible with scissors without disturbing the roots and it will re-grow, or propagate by dividing the clumps of chives into new pots. No need to plant into the ground because it grows very well in many kinds of pots.

chankahyein said...

I WANT lady's fingers!!

Chen said...

:D To propagate, leave 1 or 2 pods to grow old on the tree. When it shrivels up, the seeds inside will be mature to plant. Lady's fingers freshly plucked from the tree and eaten immediately raw is very sweet and tasty!

chankahyein said...

Slurp! Seeds?

Chen said...

Start from the seeds from garden supply shops. There are a few varieties actually.

chankahyein said...

Okay! Thank you.

claire said...

you could try growing this outside your house

chankahyein said...

Thanks for sharing, Claire!

Chen said...

Hi Claire! I have been experimenting with growing Moringa. So far no success (but still hopeful). :D

claire said...


At my house we have 3 Moringa trees so far but still at the growing stage but very leafy. We tried growing it from seed but it was really slow and kinda small. It's best to get the stem and grow from there, that's what we did.

Chen said...

Have tried the stem cuttings and have tried seeds - both no success yet. Anyway, I don't have a real garden, so in order to plant anything, lots of experimenting is required. :)

Yen Ling said...

Chen, great tips!! Thank you.

claire said...

I suppose it depends on the stem cuttings I suppose, our 1st couple of stem cuttings failed too lol.