Monday, July 22, 2013

Heidi's check up at the vet's

Now, Heidi's story is...quite unexpected.

Before I spill the beans, here's what I thought:

1. Heidi is a young cat.
2. Heidi is pregnant.
3. Heidi is super friendly and manja to all humans.

Wrong, wrong....on the first two counts, and can also be wrong on the third count!

mini-CIMG78351. Heidi is NOT a young cat. She has lost so many teeth, actually, and it's probably due to bad gums. Many of her molars and premolars are gone. This explains why she cannot eat kibbles. The vet estimates her to be about 7-8 years old. So, Madame Heidi is an "elder" cat.

2. Heidi is NOT pregnant, as far as the vet can feel from his examination (I am relieved!). There is a faecal matter in her colon, so Laxapet or Lactulose is recommended. Nothing serious, though. She also has a lump in her abdomen. What this lump is, we do not know for sure, but here are the possibilities:

(a) She could have been already spayed and the stitches broke resulting in a hernia of sorts.

(b) She could have had an accident which resulted in this small hernia (the lump).

(c) It could be a "lipoma", a benign fat tumour: Nothing to worry about and nothing that needs to be corrected.

But she did not like being touched there, so the vet recommends monitoring the lump and bringing her back for another examination in a few weeks' time. If the lump hasn't increased in size and everything seems normal, it may be better to just let her be. Some things need not be fixed.

I asked if she should be spayed and the vet said he wouldn't recommend it right now as there is a possibility she has already been spayed. This is especially when I said she is so human-friendly and is possibly an abandoned pet. To open up a spayed animal is putting the animal through a totally unnecessary risk. Tsk, why oh why wasn't she ear-notched!

3. Was she friendly to the vet? Oh my gosh, no, she wasn't. She was quite nasty, actually, and the vet says she is a very alpha cat. Very much like Tabs. If she likes you and she wants something, she'll be super friendly as evidenced by her being so friendly to me at home, rubbing herself all over my legs and even on my son's. But when she doesn't like it (like when the vet examined her), she fought, she snarled, she scratched, she growled. The works, folks. Heidi was demanding and fiercely so. Super alpha. I won't be surprised if she has already sent a complaint to the union after today's trip. The vet said this type of super-alpha cat can literally take over your life and dictate how you should live your life! Well yes, we already know they have in in their planning to take over the world soon, right? Immediately, I thought of Heidi being the aggressor in Mr Zurik's KGB Squad. You'll never know, right? They each have a role to play in their master plan (to take over the world).

So the vet opined that nothing needed to be done for Heidi today. Just monitor her and bring her back in a few weeks' time, if I wish.

So we left Willy at the vet's and Heidi and I drove home (with me at the wheel, of course; she's alpha, but not THAT alpha).

I brought her carrier down from the car and open the door, expecting her to run for her life after that "bitter" experience at the vet's where she was prodded against her will.


She only went as far as the gate.


She came back into the house.


And announced to Ginger that she received a clean bill of health from the doctor's.


I brought out my Laxatone and Lactulose (alas, it's not wasted).

It was so incredibly easy feeding Heidi the Laxatone. "Incredibly easy" as compared to trying to feed it to Pole and Cleo, that is. Those two would kill me first before I even so much as rub the dratted paste onto their mouths. Heidi took in the Laxatone...easily and quite happily. Tasty, huh?

And so, I told my husband what the vet said and how I was wrong on all three counts. Hence, it looked like we don't have to do anything for Heidi except to let her stay. My husband said it would be better if she stayed as a patio cat, because her presence was upsetting Indy, Tabs and the rest and that isn't fair. Yes, I do agree, but here's the problem with Heidi, she does not WANT to be a patio cat. She wants to stay indoors, particularly in the kitchen. She wants to be a kitchen cat (because no one has taken the kitchen yet), and this upsets Indy tremendously.

So, I'm thinking, would anyone like to adopt her? She's not pregnant, she is estimated to be 7-8 years old. She may have a hernia or lipoma which doesn't seem to be giving her any problem right now. She eats only wetfood and is super human friendly (when we don't do things that she doesn't like). She is also agreeable with all cats, doesn't fight with any other cat as long as she gets what she wants (which is to be in the kitchen). She is super alpha and super manja (terms and conditions apply).

If you'd like to adopt her, please write to me at, but may I insist that you will keep her totally indoors as my greatest nightmare in rehoming an adult cat is that they will run away and try to find their way back to their "original location".

Meanwhile, Heidi is making herself totally at home.



You can make whatever plans you want for me, I'm staying put. 


 Oh good, she doesn't hate me for taking her to the vet's.

Thank you, thank you.

Would anyone like to adopt Heidi?


Me nice cute little kitty...want to take me home?

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