Monday, July 8, 2013

Mr Zurik vs....who??

Shortly after Igor was done with dinner and had left the pantry, I heard whining inside the house...


Mr Zurik had come into the kitchen and on hand to lodge the complaint is...Timmy!


Timmy was whining non-stop.


Vincent decided not to interfere.

Timmy managed to make enough noise to get Mr Zurik out of the house. I'm not sure but I think Timmy chased him out of the house as I heard the sound of chasing and banging on the door as I was preparing Mr Zurik's food. By the time I got out, Mr Zurik was already out of the gate and he looked upset.


I brought food for him, but he decided to sulk in the drain.


Tak mahu makan!


I coaxed him, but he refused to even look at me.


 So, Vincent and I went back into the house and left him alone with the food.

I'm sure he will eat soon.

After half an hour later, I went outside to check...


Mr Zurik was gone from his drain and the food was untouched.

Wow...he's really sulking. Even food could not pacify him.


You want some, Mr G?

mini-CIMG7137 mini-CIMG7139

Ginger wants some too?

mini-CIMG7140 mini-CIMG7141

Okay, we share then.


Life doesn't have to be complicated if we do not react emotionally to situations, right?

When hungry, eat.
When thirsty, drink.
When tired, sleep.
Life is simple, if we make it so.

I hope we see Mr Zurik tomorrow then.

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