Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mr Zurik keeps Willy company?

At least that's what I thought!

I rushed back from work today as I was a little worried about Willy being left alone for 8 hours.

The first thing I did was to clean up his cage and I noticed he had well-formed stools and just traces of pastiness. The faeces are definitely firming up.

I fed him his medication too. As before, he tensed up and tightened his muscles so grabbing the scruff of his neck was a problem again.

But right after feeding him his medicine, Willy had a visitor.


It was Mr Zurik and I think I almost heard him say to the smaller cat: "I know, I've been there too."


Mr Zurik...can you figure him out?

He's got a heart beneath all that Russian tough-guy act.


But of course Mr Zurik did not come in peace. He locked horns with Vincent first, then I had to pacify him with food.


Here he is eating up all the leftovers. He is a big eater. Russians are, I suppose.

Hey...good news! It's not Timmy picking up the leftovers!


Of course Igor and Otto came with Mr Zurik. How can the colonel be without his bodyguards, right?

mini-CIMG7586 mini-CIMG7588

Mr Zurik actually sat at where the green stool is, right in front of Willy's cage until Timmy came over.


 Friend or foe, you tell me...

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