Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hush a bye Heidi

Heidi has a dominance problem. We already know she's super alpha and this has created some problems for everyone.

Timmy and Vincent have tried to be friends, but she snarls and growls at them.

She doesn't want to stay in the patio even though the Patio Family has no objections to her presence.

She wants to be a kitchen cat. That and only that.

Yes, super alpha is about right.

Yesterday, she bit me (oh well, it wasn't painful at all because she hasn't got many teeth left, remember?). It was more of a gum-bite. But she bit me because I asked her to move away from the sink.

We have to somehow let her know that she can stay, but there are some rules in this house which she would have to follow.

Asking a queen to follow rules?

Silly, isn't it?

Anyway, here's Heidi tonight...


Nicely snuggled up at Heidi's kitchen spot.


Hush a bye Heidi,
On the kitchen top!


Hush a bye Bunny too...


And Cow Mau.

mini-CIMG8197And Cleo.

Goodnight, sleep tight.


1 comment:

Yen Ling said...

Awwww... sweet Heidi and Bunny has 2 famous sleeping pose - 1) leg stretched out or 2) tummy to the air.