Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Willy - back to normal

Willy was not at the patio this morning...


Tabby check: Heidi is here, Vincent is here, Mr Zurik is not.

So I go look for Willy...


....and find him across the road, at his telephone pole, looking scared (as usual).

And why is he scared?


This is why.

And Fear Factor followed me quickly into the porch.


To eat with the rest.

I gave him lots of food so that he would be too busy eating (so that I can feed Willy and give him ample time to finish his meal). I know there has to be a better way of doing this, but I haven't figured it out yet.


Willy's menu is wetfood, Vetri DMG and his remaining ID kibbles.

I coaxed him to come across the road back to his breakfast spot at the culvert, but he was too scared.


So, rather than waste precious time, I went over to feed him.


All is good.


Scrotum is good too.


I come back quickly to the patio and oh no...Mr Zurik has finished his double-triple helping and is ready for his next move!

Just then, my husband was heard coming down the stairs and before I knew it, Mr Zurik had totally, magically and completely disappeared into thin air.

Oh no! He's gone out to antagonise Willy. Quick!! Go after him!!

So I run out to the gate...and found Mr Zurik only at the breakfast spot, Willy still eating his food.

Mr Zurik looked a bit pitiful, actually, because I think he wanted more food.

Anyway, my husband followed and Mr Zurik took off, heading back towards his "home", or rather, his "occupied territory" up the road.

Willy continues to eat.

I trust all would be well, so I go back to the house.


Happy days are here again...


The skies above are clear again...

mini-CIMG7981Let us sing a song of cheer again...

Happy days are here again!!!

An update: My husband came back from his exercise at the basketball court and said that after eating, Willy went to the pavilion and sat there while Heidi went to accompany him exercising at the basketball court. Mr Zurik...well, he did not go back "home". He was actually hiding in the drains with the KGB Shrew-Squad and later, finish off the remnants of Willy's food!

So yes, happy days are here again!


CW Lee said...

Cage up Mr KGB + fatten him up like Timmy + by then too lazy = no more bullying poor Willy + no more locking horns with Mr Storm Trooper = Peace on earth !!

chankahyein said...

Oh no, no....fat is not good. Moreover, KGB-trained cats have high metabolic rates. Won't work! Look at Spider-Cat Indy, eats as much as the titans but is slim and trim!

Joey said...

Try feeding Mr. KGB in a cage while Willy finishes his food? That is Mr. KGB is ok being locked up temporarily while being fed :p