Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let's girl-talk

I meant we'll talk about the girl-cats, of course.

The girl-cats seldom get featured in my posts, but maybe that's because they don't often do antics.

Well, today, we take a look at our youngest girl-cat.

I could not find her anywhere...


...until I checked inside the wardrobe.

mini-CIMG5756 you are here?

Sitting amongst the ropes, learning the ropes?

The other day, during one of the outings, Indy, Tiger and Tabs had all gone into the storeroom to explore when we were busy doing some DIY around the house. Later, only Indy and Tiger had come out and our girl was still inside (but we did not realise this).

Soon we realised she was missing and search high and low in the house. When we could not find her, we frantically went up and down the road outside looking for her. Minutes passed and we thought she had really got lost this time.

Tabs was nowhere to be found. We began to panic.

Finally, it dawned on us to look into the storeroom and there she was; not the least bit concerned that we were shouting like mad people, calling out her name or that our shouting had caused the neighbour's dog to bark like nobody's business.

Now, back to today's wardrobe episode...


She didn't want to come out, so I left the door open.


Me no come out yet...


After an hour...


After three hours...

She finally came out, after three-and-a-half hours of restful, undisturbed, stress-free slumber.

And now, tonight, look who is in the condo?


It's Tabs!!

I think this is the first time EVER that Tabs has managed to get this prime spot in the condo.

Her place used to be the penthouse until Pole took it.


Hi Tabs!!!!


All the girls love the penthouse.

The boys are too lazy (read: fat) to jump up.

mini-CIMG5763And Pole is quite happy lying here tonight, and let the two younger girls enjoy her condo.

Good girl, Pole!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where is there green netting all over the place?

My husband decided it's too stuffy to close all the windows and doors whenever the non-Cows come out to the "rest of the house" for their destressing playtime, so this morning, he green-netted all the windows and the sliding door.


What's going on outside?


What's this green netting doing here??

How are we going to get out now?


I'm okay, I don't mind being just inside.


Husband wanted to green-net all the entrances but I said to leave one door un-netted so that the Patio Family can still come in when the non-Cows are inside Bunny's Place. We'll just make this wedge with the door to block off the exit when the non-Cows are around. The inside cats cannot get out; the outside cats cannot get in. Brilliant, eh?

You think?

Cats can push, especially those of the Indy-types.

Anyway, let's just try it, shall we? If it doesn't work, we can always do something else, but I really wanted the Patio Family to be able to get in, especially when I'm home. They enjoy coming into the house and chilling out at the dining area.


The living room windows are all netted. Husband says this will be enough to prevent them from trying to get out.

You think?


Rosie's outside, taking her afternoon nap.


Vincent is on guard ala Stormtrooper.


We know Tiger won't even try.


Next to Timmy, this is the second happiest cat around.


But only when she is out of Bunny's Place.


However, it did not take too long for indy to....investigate and calculate.


I missed the in-between episode but the next time I looked, Spider-Cat was already out of the window!


Piece of cake, I'm sure.


Okay, inside, Indy!


Do I get to come out now?

Okay, Bunny, but no spraying, please.


After all the day's adventures.


I'm good, I don't escape. Not like him (Indy).


The threesome relaxing.


I'm not interested in going anywhere...


This is a brand new spot we created for Pole.

She's really happy here.

Finally, I took off the green netting at the sliding door so that the Patio Family can have freer access into the house. They looked quite miserable when they saw that their favourite entrance had been green-netted, and you know how cats look at you, right? I'm a sucker for that, so I didn't have to think twice. Took 'em plyers and took out the netting.

Rosie, Ginger, Daffodil and Ginger quickly came in, so thankful they still have a way in!

So all is well now. We shall close the sliding door when we let the non-Cows out to play. Actually they are friends with all the Patio Family EXCEPT the Stormtrooping Vincent Valentino Starr. Indy has declared him to be his No.1 enemy. Fur will fly when the two meet and we cannot have that happening, can we?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feeding Willy at the culvert

 I can already sit with Willy as he eats every morning.

There's no way Willy can eat inside the porch as the Patio Family (led by Vincent Starr) and Mr G will chase him out. Mr G is not even a resident Patio Cat, but he takes it upon him to chase poor Willy out.

Oh well, who are we humans to make the rules, right? And try interfering with cat politics - that would be utter foolishness, I tell you.

 Mukda passes by and I ask her if there are new cats to be neutered at the pavilion. She said there is none, only a new one near her house and she's got that one neutered already.

She did say that some houses keep quite a number of cats and they are not neutered, so you will see new cats every now and then. Well yes, I've already offered our subsidy to the whole neighbourhood and explained the benefits of getting one's pets neutered. We can only do so much.

Meanwhile, my husband does his exercise at the basketball court opposite our house every morning and he says there are only about 3 cats having breakfast at the pavilion every morning. And one of them is none other than our Ms Rosie! Yes, Rosie still goes to the pavilion for breakfast, before she comes back to the patio for her second breakfast. One wonders why she isn't obese! High metabolic rate, I suppose.

And Willy hangs out at the basketball court too. He seems quite confident now.

This black-and-white is a regular pavilion breakfast cat.
She came over when she saw Willy eating and I left some food for her.

 Ms Rosie on her high perch.

Daffodil and son, Ginger.

 Don't-mess-with-me-Vincent Starr.

 Happy days are here again,
The skies above are clear again,
Let us sing a song of cheer again,
Happy days are here again!!! 

That's the world according to Timmy!

And what a wonderful world it would be!!


Looks like my title "Feeding Willy" inspired one of our readers to create this picture!


For those who are unfamiliar, "Free Willy" was a box office movie in 1993!

Reinstalling the shelf at the Clubhouse

I took a BIG risk a few days ago and had the Spider-Cat Classic Escape-of-the-Year shelf reinstalled at the Clubhouse.

 Indy was the very first to notice it.

This is the famous Spider-Cat Escape shelf, which I had dismantled when we were totally outsmarted and baffled by Indy's great escapades. I had it dismantled and reinstalled as a "jungle walk" for Cleo, but nobody liked it. So, after more than a month, I decided the good shelf should not be wasted just like that. After all, it's cengal wood and reputed to be extremely "tahan lasak". Yes, good hard wood from our rainforests.

So, it's reinstalled now, just slightly lower than where it used to be.

 Indy just looked but did not attempt to go up.

 Instead, Bunny went up first!

 And he liked it...

So far, only Tabs and Bunny have used it.

 They also don't play with the green tubes anymore.  Instead, it's used to sleep on or to rub one's face onto.

 Me and my grey mat.
Ain't nobody touchin' it but me!

(by special order of the Spider-Cat) 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cow rises to the occasion!!

We were right that Cow has mellowed over the years and we all agree that Cow is very well-behaved these days except for the occasional crankiness (who isn't at times, right?).

Today I witnessed Cow at his best.

This afternoon, Bunny charged at Tabs (to bully), and guess who came to Tabs' rescue?

Yes, Cow Mau!

Cow Mau surged at Bunny, hissed, growled and stopped Bunny from bullying Tabs. He chased Bunny away!

Yay for Cow Mau!!

We always opine that Cow Mau is the way he is because he missed out on his childhood.

When Cow, Bunny and Pole were first rescued at 2 days, it was Cow who protected Bunny & Pole. Even when I first found them by the roadside, it was Cow who crawled away to "look for help". At least that was the impression I got when I saw them the second round. In the first round, I was so ignorant I hoped the mother-cat would come get them. It was on my second round (on a Sunday morning walk) that I realised, "No, this isn't right. They have been dumped by some human," and I saw those crows sitting on the wire. The rest is, as they say, history. That started my rescue work.

As the kittens were growing up, Cow was always the one who would seek help. For example, he would walk (as a little kitten), all the way from the kitchen out to the living room to call for food when they were hungry. Pole was too busy trying to escape (and she did, from the plastic box, she heaved herself out, eyes still closed). Bunny was too ignorant and was always the last to attempt anything (and often failed). Like when he tried to crawl out, he fell down instead! Cow and Pole bullied Bunny!

Then, after 4 months, Tiger came, and after a brief period of rejecting Tiger, it was Cow who came forth and took Tiger under his wing.

Yes, Cow again.

So, we figured he missed out on his childhood and never got to be a kitten. And this is why he is the way he is now.

So, we let him be a child again now!

Good boy, Cow...

Bunny's fun in the sun (or "When Timmy met Bunny")

This morning, while I was at work and the two boys (husband and son) were at home, Bunny managed to sweet-talk them into giving him a romp in the garden.

Apparently, there was an encounter between Timmy and Bunny, but it was "peaceful". This proves that Bunny doesn't simply pick fights. He just bullies. When Timmy met Bunny, there was no growling but Bunny stool tall, and Timmy backed off. Smart boy...walk away when you sense impending trouble.

Bunny went to sniff at Rosie's tail as well, and Jia-Wen quickly whisk Bunny off because he was afraid Rosie might attack (which she is capable of) and a fight between Rosie and Bunny would have been disastrous.

Bunny then went to explore the rest of the garden...

 He spent quite a long time out in the sun this morning and he did not attempt to go out of the gate.

Happy Sunny Bunny!!

 Tired out all afternoon.

 We got another one of these mats and Bunny has monopolised it.

 Taking turns on the mats.

Thank you for sharing, Indy.

Sometimes, this is all Tiger gets.


"Pawing" on the new mat. It's a sign of happiness.

 I don't need a mat!