Wednesday, July 31, 2013

He's back and she's eating kibbles...??

Who's back?


Mr Zurik wasted no time in coming back to taunt Vincent. This happened about 2 hours after I brought him back from his ear-cleaning and vaccination.

It's back to normal, folks. Whine, whine, whine, horn-locking, the works!

So, this called for food, and Mr Zurik....this way please (into the cage, if you don't mind).


Of course he did not mind! It's food, isn't it?


Vincent was standing guard so that everyone could eat in peace, and I noticed something...

I had to carry Vincent away and place his bowl away from the cage. When Vincent started eating, Daffodil stopped eating and stood guard right outside Zurik's cage door. Aww...what a motherly cat, isn't she? She stood there until everyone had finished eating.

And I spotted something else...


Heidi is eating kibbles??


 Yes, make no mistake about it, folks....Heidi IS eating kibbles and she seemed to like it too!

It must be the Tuscan magic?

Or maybe, she forgot that she "could not eat kibbles"??

No need porridge today, Grandma Heidi?

I did ask the vet today about Heidi and what we could do for her. The vaccination can wait since she is an elderly cat. And since I see her already, I should watch her to see if she comes on heat.

How to check? Massage her back and see if she humps her back and reacts in an overly "manja" way. If she does, it is likely she has come on heat and we could consider getting her spayed. Cats come on heat every two weeks or more frequently if there is the presence of male cats.

I hope Heidi has already been spayed. It's worrying putting her through surgery since she is elderly. And there is that lump to consider too.

One thing at a time.

Meanwhile, I was also concerned about Willy's ear-notch. It has been a bit reddish...

mini-20130730_163454 mini-20130730_163458

The vet said since he is so scared, it wasn't necessary for me to take him to her, but a few photos would do.

So I took many photos and sent it through email to the vet and she said it looked "okay" for now. I only have to monitor that it does not get any worse.

Willy must have scratched his ear. It was fine the day I released him, though.  It's not easy to put the wound protector (Happy Bum Gel) on his ear as he's so scared...of everything. Poor Willy. The vet says it takes about 2 weeks for the notch to heal completely.

Hmm...Zurik's healed so fast! I think it healed in just a few days. Well, Russians, you know...they are just so tough, aren't they?

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