Friday, August 31, 2012

I met Baggy today!

Andy brought little Baggy for a check-up today and I met them at the vet's.

 Hi, little Baggy-Waggy!

Baggy's weight remained stable at 2.85kg. She is still anaemic, which was expected, as she is FeLV+ and it would definitely take time for her to build back her health. But as it is now, Baggy is eating well, her urination and defecation are normal and she is happy, which is what all of us want for ourselves, isn't it? We all live with some imperfections in life and somehow, our body will adjust to it.

 Having a nice meal after the trip to the vet's.

I'm back in my weekend resort again!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baggy's favourite friend returns to work!

Baggy's favourite friend at work was on leave when Baggy went back home. This week, she is back at work, and Baggy has been "sharing her workload" by keeping her company while she is at work!

 Baggy and her favourite friend at work.

 I'm helping to do work.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

This is the life....(by Baggy Pink Nose)

Today is my second day at my weekend resort.

 My morning started with fine dining at Alfresco's where Mummy Emily served me breakfast.

 Yum, delicious! Of course I took all my medicines after that. 

 Then, I explored around the resort area. It's really a beautiful place. 

What's out there, I wonder....

 Time to lounge and do nothing but enjoy the moment!

Are you having a good weekend too? I certainly am.

Baggy, the "manja" one

Here are some photos of Baggy taken by Mr Teh this morning at the office before she went home to her "weekend resort", and a short write-up:
Hi Dr. Chan, here I send u some photos of Baggy that I snapped this morning. She finished whole can of fussy cat and we found that she also sapu all the dry kibble that emily provided her last night before she left the office. But only the problem is she doesn't like the hivite drop. She seems like very manja when people around and non stop purring and rubbing her head on us.

From my experience, Baggy is actually very obedient when it comes to taking her medicines. Certainly "VERY obedient" compared to my alphas!! Emily also said Baggy takes everything obediently and only complains a little when it comes to the Hi-Vite.

Here are the photos:







Baggy's weekend resort

It's the weekend and Baggy is back to her weekend-resort home!

Andy and Emily have taken Baggy home.

Aren't I a lucky little cat? I have my very own weekend resort.
Do you like my pretty little necklace? 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baggy's updates

Emily called today to update me on Baggy's progress. Baggy has been eating very well; she eats her canned food and all the kibbles left for her every night. Every morning, it's polished clean (yes, two bowls of kibbles!).

She's been extremely good at taking her medicines and supplements too.  What a good girl!

So, Baggy is doing well, folks.

This is such happy news!

Thank you, Emily and Andy.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Here's a photo Andy sent today of Baggy, the office's new Super-Cat jumping from table to table!

As swift as an arrow, as fast as the wind, I'm SuperBags, and no camera is fast enough for me!


Baggy is doing well!

Andy texted this morning to say that Baggy ate up all the kibbles he left last night and also polished off a can of wetfood this morning. She took all her medication and supplements this morning. She also urinated and defecated last night, and again, after breakfast this morning.  Everything looks really good.

From these two days, it appears that our theory (assumption) may well prove to be right. Baggy is more comfortable being alone and back in her home.

Over at my place, ever since she had been sick, she didn't even dare urinate except for once a day, and defecation wasn't even daily. For some reason, my brood also avoided the litter box and it was seldom used.

But today, I have lots of litter to clean again. My cats are starting to use the litter boxes too.

Cats are such perceptive and sensitive creatures, they must have sensed my anxiety over the litter boxes while Baggy was ill (I was monitoring them closely so that I could clean up the moment Baggy used it), so they avoided using the box as well.

Anyway, let's get back to Baggy's story for today and rejoice!

I've also asked Andy to check on dilation of her pupils. Yesterday, she must have been really excited upon reaching home, so her pupils were dilated. By afternoon, it looked normal already.

Baggy is doing well and I'm so happy!

I want to thank everyone who helped me in reaching this decision. Thanks so much in putting up with my phonecalls and emails!


Tonight will be the first night, after many nights where I don't get to tuck Baggy in. Normally every night ever since she had been ill, the last thing I do would be to make sure she is comfortable either on my table or in the drawer and I'll tell her to sleep well, get stronger and I'll see her the next day.

During the days when she was in a critical state, every morning would be a great challenge as I come down the stairs. Is Baggy okay? And what a relief it was to find her well.

I forgot to share something else too.

Yesterday, Baggy did something which assured me that she is steadily getting back to her normal self.

She "meezered"!

Yes, she was asking for food and she meezered for me to hear. I have not heard her meezering for quite sometime now. It is that noise very peculiar of Siamese cats where make a loud sound when they want something.

I'm so glad Baggy meezered and I smiled when I heard it. It was as though she was telling me, "See? I'm my old self again."

Good girl, little Baggy Pink Nose.

It's 10.30pm now, Baggy. Hope you are fast asleep in your basket or on the cat-tree.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow playing, exploring and EATING!

Baggy eats her dinner

Andy called to update everything about Baggy. She's been very responsive to Andy in that each time Andy enters the room, she would rub herself on his leg and follow him around. This is all very encouraging indeed.

Baggy is happy and comfortable. I'm glad I took heed of my vet's advice and also that of some friends. They suggested that Baggy, being timid and so lady-like, might just do better in a quieter environment away from my boisterous cats. It looks like they are right.

For dinner, Baggy ate half a can of wetfood. Half a can is already quite a lot, actually, especially when Baggy already had brunch before leaving my house, then Emily fed her again upon her arrival. Andy was still a bit concerned if she had enough, so he gave her some kibble and she ate that too.

Of course a short period of adjustment to any change of environment is expected, but judging from the events of the day, Baggy seems to be right at home!

She spent the afternoon sleeping either in the cat-tree or in her new basket. She's been jumping from the floor onto the table as well, so everything looks good.

Have a good rest tonight, Baggy-Waggy. Tomorrow will be a new and beautiful day.

A fancy feast for the 7 stalwarts

I thought it would only be fair if I gave a well-deserved treat to my 7 cats. After all, they had been so "understanding" and accommodating throughout the period when Baggy took up most of my time and presence of mind.

So, I bought 3 cans of Fancy Feast to be shared by the seven.

Indy made the dinner call at 4.50pm. Breakfast was at 6am this morning, and in between, they only had some kibble, so everyone would be quite hungry already.


 Bunny was at the frontline, as usual.

 Indy, the dinner-caller for today.

 Yum, yum, yum....

 Soon, Tiger came out, followed by Cow (didn't get to take his photo).

 Cleo was sleeping, but I woke her up to give her the treat.

The trouble with my brood is, I can't have only half of them eating some treat and I feed the rest later. When the rest eats later, the first half would come for more. They "won't remember" they had already eaten, and you just cannot reason such things with cats. Cats have their own rules. Human rules and reasoning simply do NOT apply.

Tabs, Cow and Pole were still sleeping inside the room, so I had to go wake them up for the treat.

 Pole was pleasantly surprised.

 Surprisingly, Tabs sniffed at the food and walked away!

Why, Tabs???

 Bobby came for it.

 She came back for it, but it was no big deal for her.

 Bunny had many helpings, and he polished everything clean.

 I called for dinner today, so may I have some more?

Much later, Cleo made another dinner call.

It's an All-Ladies dinner....home-cooked food only.

The four boys were flat out!

Baggy visits old friends!

Andy just took this photo:

Baggy a.k.a Cuteness Personified!

Andy says:

She seems to have settled in. I disturb her while she was asleep for this picture. Cant help taking this. She rub my leg everytime I enter the room to visit her. I let her roam for a while. She willingly goes out of the room and visited the staff she used to know.

Quite amazing how well a cat remembers, isn't it?

I'm glad Baggy is visiting her old friends. Emily said tomorrow, Baggy might even be happier - they have a staff whom Baggy was especially fond of (and vice versa). She's on leave today and will be returning back to work tomorrow.

Love makes the world go round. We won't know where it would take us, but when there's love, all things will work out, somehow.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

All quiet in Bunny's Place

When one experiences the empty nest, it's always best to be mindful and it helps to keep busy too.

So, after Baggy left, I took my time in scrubbing the tiles with mild diluted chlorox. I have been scrubbing the floor several times daily, but never with chlorox as Baggy was still licking the wet tiles. It is always recommended that mild chlorox be used (1 part in 30 parts of water) if there is the presence of viruses. The FIV and FeLV viruses are actually very weak and cannot survive long outside the body of the host.

Then, I wiped the surfaces in the room with the diluted chlorox as well. The litter boxes, I have been cleaning and disinfecting each time Baggy used them, so that's okay.

With the Hari Raya holidays over, the postal service is back in action again. For the past 2-3 weeks, the post has been SO incredibly slow, many AnimalCare subsidy claims had been delayed. Today, quite a few came in.

Life goes back to what it was. I miss taking care of Baggy, but I am glad for this change, because it means she is well again.

The cats were all wondering why I did not bring Baggy back into the room after I brought her out today when Andy came. I'm slightly "consoled" that Baggy wasn't really close to any of them, so I hope they won't miss her so much. She had always kept to herself since she came and I guess that's partly due to her personality, or she was already gradually getting unwell after the trauma of losing her sister and being transported to my house. Baggy came to me in early May. It has almost been 4 months.

For the last week or so, two calico cats have been coming to our house. One of them has been spayed because the ear is V-notched. The other looks a little plump so I hope she is not pregnant. They would sleep under my car or on our shoe bench.

 I went out to feed them, but could only see the V-notched one. They scuttle off when we come out.

Meanwhile, everyone is napping in Bunny's Place...




 But not everyone is napping...


 I sure miss seeing Baggy on her tree trunk or under her table.

 The things can go back into the drawer now.

 Yes, Cow, it's back to me and you and the rest.

Cow will always be the first person to sense my emotions and he will always come to me. Good ol' Cow.

Meanwhile, I shall be fortifying Tabs, Tiger and possibly Indy with Vetri DMG as Tabs and Indy are the two who have had contact with Baggy. I saw Tiger touching nose with Baggy too.

Based on owners' experience with FIV and FeLV cats, some believe in isolation while some don't. I guess this decision also depends very much on the cats' personality, their health condition, the environment and the circumstances. It's a tough call, but only the owner would know best. It's a delicate balance between the head and the heart - knowledge, compassion and doing the best we can with what we have.

And all said, I'm really happy Baggy recognises her old room and is comfortable. I pray she will thrive in a relaxed and quiet environment and this will help her regain good health again.

Baggy remembers her room and settles in!

Hi Everyone,

Here's great news about Baggy. I know everyone who has rooted for her would want to know how she is doing, and Andy has been very kind to send this wonderful news and great photos!

From Andy:

Baggy is home. I think she seems to remember her room. She did not hesitate to come out from the carrier. She then come to rub my leg. I dont know what she meant. I tried to introduce her to the new room ( with sunlight) but she seems to prefer to old room and does not feel at ease. So we open the door to she what she wants and she immediately go out of the room. I think she probably not familiar with it. She lounge in our general office area for a while , then i decided to put her back to her room to rest her. I will monitor if she is adapting well. She seems to be ok except that when she sees Guthrie, she tends to be abit alert and i am certain she knows she is fine being confined in the room and having know that Guthrie wont be in. But for the moment , i am locking up Guthrie to make sure she does not disturb Baggy.

Lets hope all's well ends well.


You have NO idea how happy and glad I am. The fact that Baggy did not hesitate coming out of the carrier means she is familiar with her old room. And she rubbed Andy's leg - that means she has claimed Andy to be her property!

Andy and I had discussed how Baggy could get some sunlight, so Andy had prepared the director's room for her. It will have the morning sun.

Guthrie is a stray cat Mr Teh picked up from the highway recently and she is the office-cat now. Andy has already made plans that Guthrie and Baggy will be separated with their own private litter boxes and food and water bowls. There is plenty of space at the office for two cats and Baggy has her own room. They can take turns to roam as long as direct cat-t0-cat contact is avoided. Guthrie has already been vaccinated.

Upon arriving, Andy said Baggy ate again! That's really good. I gave her a small snack at 11am for the trip so that she won't be hungry. And now, she's eating again. Good girl, keep up the appetite!

Here are the homecoming photos: 

 Hi everyone, I'm home! This is my old room and I have my very own sofa too. 

 Thank you for bringing me home, Uncle Andy!

This is my old table and my cat-tree.

 I'm lounging in the office area. Feels good to be home...
Of course I remember my home. Cats don't forget so easily, don't you know? 

 I have a new friend. Her name is Guthrie. But we will only "meet" through the glass.

 Hi, I'm the office-cat, Guthrie. Don't you worry, I'll keep an eye on Baggy.

Baggy goes home

 An early breakfast this morning.

 I love my fishpad.

 Passing all the supplements and medications to Andy.

 Baggy-Waggy, it's time to go home now....

 You be good and have a great appetite, ok?

 You'll grow up to be a strong little lady, Baggy.

 Have a great life now, little Baggy Pink Nose!

We all love you lots!!

Dear Friends,

Baggy is on her way home now. Please join me in wishing Baggy all the best of health and happiness. I shall be thinking of her and wishing her well every day.

Thank you, Andy and Emily, for taking good are of Baggy.