Saturday, November 13, 2010

Meeting Jennifer and Tara

Jennifer and Tara came over to the SJBA to meet up with me today. 

It was such a pleasure for me to meet both of them.  It's been months since I last saw Tara - she has grown so much...!!

Hi Tara....!!

Tara and Jennifer

It is truly so heartwarming to see how lovingly Jennifer's family has cared for Tara.  She is pampered to the core!

Tara making friends with the children at the temple.

More children...

Tara, the tiger?   That's a Pokemon suit Jennifer bought from Taiwan.

Tara simply adores attention.

Next...Tara meets Boy (the labrador recently rescued at the temple) posting, please.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We share, too...

Bobby and the cats take their breakfast together every morning.  Cow (one of our alpha cats) has never been interested in Bobby's boiled chicken meals until lately when he decided to lick up whatever that's left in Bobby's bowl after the latter had finished his meal.  This, of course, isn't much - just a few morsels and some soup.

This morning, Cow decided he couldn't wait until Bobby finished, so...

I'll just help myself to some of your food, if you don't mind.

And they both licked the platter clean...

And at lunch time today, Bobby decided he would share Cow's bowl of food, but the bowl was too small for two mouths, so I quickly put another bowl beside Cow's and the two friends happily ate everything up.

  Sharing is a virtue, and when they can share, surely we can, too.