Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teddybear's blood test results

This afternoon, I took Teddybear for a follow-up blood test and his WBC has come down, showing a good improvement.  Two days ago, it was 25.9.  Today, it was 15.5.  The upper limit of the normal range is 11, so he still has evidence of some infection, but is recovering.

The vet also said the catheter can already be removed, and we had a very hard time doing this because his arm is so, so tiny.  It must be taken almost an hour to do this very slowly and carefully so as not to cause his tender skin to peel.  Teddy put up a fierce battle; it finally took THREE vets to take the plasters off his little arm. 

This morning, Teddybear tried to make friends with Xiao Li and Bandit. 

Bandit has been sulking in his litter box all day.

Or, he would just sleep on the upper platform in his cage.

That's also because Teddybear had taken Bandit's favourite spot - on the computer bag where he has access to his pink flowers.

Xiao Li has been very caring and hospitable.

She shows a lot of concern for Teddybear.

Teddybear tried to make friends with Sulky aka Bandit again, this evening.

But Sulky still wants to sulk, so Teddybear goes to the corner and sits by himself.  It would take Sulky (I mean, Bandit) sometime to accept his brother.

Meanwhile, Teddybear needs to fatten up and grow!  The vet is happy with his improvement from yesterday till this afternoon, but says he is still very thin and scrawny.  

His stools this evening is more solid, though still soft.  He is on several antibiotics to help combat whatever infections he has. 

You have to eat regular meals, Teddybear. 

Let's see if you can grow as big as Bandit soon...

Get well soon, Teddybear. 

Teddy seems to have found his spot in the room now. 
All tired out after "arm-battling" with three vets this afternoon!

Teddybear is improving

I wish to thank all well-wishers and friends who have stood by me throughout this nightmarish ordeal of having to nurse Bobtail and Teddybear back to life. 

I must have been so exhausted, more due to shock than anything else, that at 11pm last night, I could barely stay awake anymore.  And I wondered, just before konking off, if I had done the right thing by bringing back Teddybear from the hospital to nurse him through the night. 

I had brought the sofa cushion into the room to camp beside Teddybear's cage so that I could nurse him all night.  The vet had said he needed hydration and regular small meals. 

As tired as I was, the universe was very merciful....

Teddybear woke me up at regular intervals throughout the night!  Each time he wanted to eat and drink, he would mew, and I would hear him.  

At midnight, he mewed loudly at the door of the cage.  He wanted to come out.  I had put a hotwater bottle inside his cage but he did not want that.  

So, I opened the cage door, and he climbed onto my makeshift bed (the cushion of the sofa).  He just wanted to sleep with me.

All night, he was either sleeping on my neck (!!) or on my chest, and every one hour, he would mew, and I would feed him glucose water and a little bit of ID.  He could even eat the ID on his own, straight from the can.  

Teddybear climbed onto the cushion and refused to budge. 

This morning's 4am feed.  Bobby was keeping watch all night.

Xiao Li was very concerned too, and tried to help.  She's really becoming quite an angel, living up to her name, just like Suki!  Each time Teddybear ate, she would be beside him, as though encouraging him.  It is very touching to see such concern in one so young. 

I was just too tired to take any photographs as I could barely keep awake, but I had enough energy to feed Teddybear glucose water by syringe and open the can of ID for him.  He was quite independent and that's really a very good sign.

However, Bandit was clearly very jealous (poor thing, male vs male syndrome?  But they are brothers, actually).  Bandit growled a little here and there, and slept in his litter box all night (that's something he has never done before). 

My other adult cats did not make any fuss.  They came in to see Teddybear.  No hissing. 

As of this morning, Teddybear seems to have improved very much.  His stools last night wasn't watery anymore.  It was soft, but it is much better than yesterday. 

This morning's stools was slightly more well-formed.  He walked all the way into Xiao Li and Bandit's big cage to do his business. 

I hope Bandit will accept Teddybear.

Please continue to pray for Bandit's recovery. 

I will be away to give a public talk this morning and to raise funds for AnimalCare (a scheduled talk, so it cannot be postponed).  This afternoon, I'll be taking Teddybear for a repeat blood test.  Let's hope the readings are better. 

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thank you for your prayers.  My heartfelt appreciation to all of you for standing by me in one of my greatest hour of need.   

Even though it had been just two days, I miss Bobtail. 

May Bobtail be in a better existence now.  May he be happy and healthy, and may he look after all of us from above.  

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Teddybear is home with me now

I had to quickly recover from Bobtail's passing because Teddybear needed nursing care as well.  He was not in as bad a condition as Bobtail, but both were suspected to be suffering from the same infection - both severely emaciated till skin and bones. 

Teddybear at the clinic this morning.

Teddybear perked up a little later in the morning.  By afternoon, he even ate some ID kibbles, besides the wet ID that I had forcefed him yesterday.

Eating ID on his own.

He wanted the whole jar of ID kibbles I had brought from home.

By evening, the vet said I had a choice of taking him home and nursing him.  He can be taken off the drips already since he had perked up a little, and his temperature has improved (back to normal).  However, we would leave the catheter on just in case he needs intravenous medication or the drip has to be reinstalled again should his condition take a turn for the worst.  I was also worried about Teddybear biting the drip and wetting himself as Bobtail had done. 

So, I brought Teddybear home, with oral medications.

Xiao Li being curious of the newcomer. 

Hello, Teddybear.  Xiao Li and Bandit were both very hospitable and friendly to little Teddybear. 

Bandit saying "hi" to his brother, Teddybear.  Bandit was smaller than Teddybear when first brought to me.  Look at the size difference now.  My husband was shocked when he saw Teddybear.  He said Teddybear had probably shrunken in size. 

Teddybear was curious about the new surroundings, and spent some time exploring the room, but I had to confine him.

He is sleeping now.

Friends, please pray for Teddybear to recover.  We do not know what kind of infection he has been infected with, but the blood tests suggest a bacterial infection. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Because you loved us, Suki

My daughter, Ming-Yi, finally managed to choose a song to make Suki's memorial video clip.

Here it is:

Because you loved us, Suki.

And we will always love you. 

Suki, our little princess of mischief, who brought untold joy into our household, we will meet again on Rainbow Bridge. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting Cleo to come home

Cleo "ran away from home" yesterday.  We suspect she wasn't too happy with the presence of Xiao Li and Bandit (but we'll never really know for sure). 

We spotted her just outside the house, but could not get her to come home. 

So yesterday, it was an all-out operation to get Cleo to come home...somehow. 

All morning, I went out to call for her, but she was no where to be seen. 

By noon, I spotted her across the road, just opposite our house.

Come, Cleo.  Good girl, come...

She wasn't too interested at first.

Sigh...pitiful humans.  They want me to come home so badly.  Ok...I'll just make them happy since it's their New Year.

A wee bit more, come, Cleo, come through the gate...

Yay!  Cleo is in! 

(You see the slightly bald patches on her back?  The vets say it's harmless and it's due to stress.  Yes, they get stressed too, it seems.) 

Then, she ran out again, to the neighbour's house, just next door.

Bring some food!!  Bring some food!!  Quick!

Here's some mackerel, Cleo. 

(Bobby is always on hand to help.)

We finally carried her into the house again.

And gave her a feast of her favourite food - raw chicken breastmeat with the skin.  She loves the skin.

Later, Cleo came back all by herself, a few times (it's back to normal).  She even went upstairs and reclaimed her spot on the marble slab in the bedroom. 

This morning, she was the "alarm clock" again.'s back to normal.

I hope!!

You see why it's quite difficult for me to foster kittens?  I'd never know who takes offence to whom, and who has affinity with whom...

Cat politics!

But it's still better than dealing with human politics, I guess.

It's back to work for me today, and later, there's Pjay's case followed by Tam Tam's surgery. 

This posting is co-written by Xiao Li.  It's quite amazing that she not only looks like Suki, but her mannerisms and behaviour are the same too. 

And while Xiao Li is "editing" this posting, where is Bandit?

Here he is.  He simply loves playing with the plastic flowers.

Cute lil fella.... He plays very quietly by himself...unlike the other one!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tara goes to the vet

Today is Tara's turn to visit the vet.  When I reached the house, she hid inside her cage and refused to go out.  I had to carry her into the car.  Guess Sean must have "told" her about that terrible place where they stick a needle into you and scrape your skin. 

Unlike Sean, Tara was very nervous at the clinic.  She was practically shivering.

But she warmed up to Dr Vijay instantly. 
Guess she knows who the "good guys" are.

Dr Vijay did not see anything wrong with Tara.  She looks healthy, but could do with a bit more weight as she is still rather thin.  Tara was given her first vaccination with the Recombitek. 

She will come back for her booster after one month.  And she can be spayed two weeks after that.   

Dr Vijay estimates Tara to be about 3-4 years old. 

Tara was so relieved to be home after the visit to the clinic.

She quickly went back into her cage and did not want to come out anymore.

Sean came out to check on Tara.  Sean is less than 1 year old.   

My mum says she can foster Sean and Tara for as long as her health permits, but age is catching up.  Both my parents will be 77 this year.  So if anyone would like to give Sean and Tara a good home, both of them are also up for adoption. 

Sean and Tara are both distemper survivors from the Klang Dog Pound.  It's been one month since they have recovered, so in another month's time, they will not be shedding the virus anymore, and can mix with other (preferably, vaccinated) dogs.  They will be spayed-neutered in one-and-a-half months' time, and would have completed their vaccinations. 

Just for everyone's information, the maximum safety margin (and this really very maximum!) for parvo and distemper cases is two months after recovery.   

Cleo - lost.....and found!

All the cats in my house are actually CNRM-ed cats, but over the years, they have become our pets.  And they have been given the freedom of choosing their own territory.  

Cow and Bunny, being the self-declared alphas, got the entire house.  Their sister, Pole, decided she preferred the neighbourhood, so she is always within the vicinity of 2-3 houses from ours. 

Tiger used to spend time at the neighbour's but ever since acupuncture increased his confidence, he is now home and has taken the top of the piano.  Indy gets the top of the bookshelf.  Wii, unfortunately, is the current "victim" of the two alphas, and he feels safer in the back alley.  Cleo fought for her rights in the house, and takes the ironing board upstairs.  

All of them come back for food several times a day.  In the mornings, I would usually have all seven of them eating together in the kitchen.    

However, yesterday, we noticed Cleo had not come back for hours.  I pushed the panic button last night and we went searching for Cleo.  My husband finally managed to call her out from the neighbour's garden, but still, she refused to come home.  

Normally, Cleo would be home by bedtime and she sleeps in our bedroom.  She is my husband's alarm clock every morning.  She would come onto the bed and wake us up.  

This morning, Cleo didn't do her duty.  She was out all night.    

Finally, just before going off to work, my husband managed to call her out and carry her back.  

Here's Cleo, having breakfast this morning.  I quickly prepared her a feast.  Her current favourite is raw chicken, particularly the chicken skin. 

I wonder if Cleo is angry or jealous over the presence of Xiao Li and Bandit.  While she was eating, I explained to her that Xiao Li and Bandit have no home, and they are staying with us for awhile. politics.

How I wish I could understand their minds....

If Cleo still refuses to come home, I might have to get another fosterer for Xiao Li and Bandit. 

Sometimes, just like humans, it's all about "yuen" (the Chinese word for "affinity").

I remember fostering Felix, a little tabby kitten with an eye infection, and ALL my cats packed their bags and ran away.  ALL, except good old Indy, who stayed by the cage and accompanied Felix all day.  I had to board Felix at the clinic after which the six prodigal cats came home.   

It's affinity, alright. 

I'm sure Cleo is just outside there, somewhere.  She's not happy about something, but I can't be sure what it is. 

Come home again, Cleo.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A photography session

We took some photos of Xiao Li and Bandit, to put up at 

It wasn't easy because you can't even find a moment when they are still, but here they are...

Doesn't she remind you of little Suki?

Our dear little Suki

I find myself calling Xiao Li, "Sooks", which was my nickname for Suki.

And here are Bandit's photos:

And, together...

Bandit and Xiao Li are up for adoption.

Please contact me at 012-6935870 if you'll like to give them a home. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A chicky feast for Bandit and Xiao Li

Bandit and Xiao Li had boiled chicken today.  I thought I would need to do everything possible to beef them up since both appear to be still quite emaciated.  Yesterday, they had two meals of AD, and kibbles in between. 

Xiao Li, enjoying her food.

Little Bandit, enjoying it even more.

I had to separate them both because Xiao Li tends to snatch food.

They couldn't finish the amount I gave them....

So, waste not, want not, Bunny polished it all up later.

This is the mess Xiao Li had created this morning in their cage. 

Both are happily playing in the room now.  At least that's a good sign.  Bandit also looks much healthier today.  I was really worried about him when he first came.  A loving home and suitable food, that's what animals need, the vet had told me.  If you can do this for any animal, all else is secondary.  Never mind if you cannot afford other things - just give them a safe home and feed them.   

Kittens come with their own temperament.  Wolfie and Simba were so, so well-behaved, they did not mess up their cage at all and would do their business outside.  However, they chose to do it on the top of the cage!   

Xiao Li is now trying very hard to get out of the room to explore outside.  She is very adventurous.

Still a little cock-eyed, though.  But as active as ever!