Saturday, July 6, 2013

Who is (actually) obese?

So we know that one way of determining whether your cat is obese or not is to look from above while the cat is standing and see if we can see an "indentation" at the abdomen.

Let's see...


We've been debating on whether Bunny is obese or just stout...

I told my vet that Bunny is just "stout", not obese and he said I was in denial. LOL!!


There IS an indentation, right?

Do you see it?


Now, I swear I did NOT photoshop this photograph.

There IS an indentation, isn't there?


Cow IS obese and I'm not denying it at all.


And so is Tiger. Am not denying it too.


Though I think I see an indentation, I'm still saying that Tiger is obese.


Indy is NOT obese, that's for sure.

Hey, we're talking about THE Indy Jones, right? A.k.a. Spider-Cat? How can he be obese?


Okay, we will spare you the embarrassing photo-shoot, Tabs.

You are officially also NOT obese.


Indentation in place.

Cleo is NOT obese.


The fittest, most athletic, most agile cat we have.

Pole is slim. She's all muscle. What fat?


 Since you said I'm just "stout" and not obese, I suppose you won't be denying me of my 10% anymore, would you?


(The 10% stays....shh. Underfeeding is better than overfeeding, right?)


Timmy is DEFINITELY obese!

But we're working on his 20% diet. To do that, we have to stop him from playing "Musical Bowls"!


Maneki Neko said...

Obese is such an UGLY word. Bunny might also be described as portly, corpulent, brawny or rotund. (Sorry, but I couldn't quite see that indentation you were talking about!) ;-)

Chen said...

I suspect Timmy oversized tummy look could also be accentuated by an odd mixture of cat genes - maybe a mixture between genes of cats with slim heads (like Siamese) mixed with genes from cats with rounded shapes (like British short hair). So he gets the slim pointy head with a rounded body! :D

chankahyein said...

LOL! I will mark it with red arrows and republish that photo...LOL!!

chankahyein said...

I suspect that too!!