Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Willy is home!!

Willy is home, folks!


Timmy sent us off earlier, and here he is, greeting us.

You got to love Timmy. He's such a great guy!


Rosie came too, and Daffodil watches from afar.


Willy is just waking up. Still groggy.


I left him alone because I know he's in a groggy state for now.


His friends keep vigil.

Suddenly, a fight broke out in the kitchen.

I rushed in to see Mr G antagonising Heidi on the stove.


Mr G jumps down and I shoo him away.

Heidi looks at me with the pitiful look, saying, "I've been attacked!"

I guess for Mr G, he is the original resident of this house and he is right. We (humans included) are the "pendatang". Not "haram", though, because we bought the house legally, but hey, tell that to a cat!

Who cares about that piece of paper that you hold. I was here first, says Mr G.


Willy finally wakes up.

mini-CIMG7873 mini-CIMG7874

I put some kibbles, just in case. But I know he won't be ready to eat yet. When he is, I will give him wetfood.

Updated note: The kibbles should not have been given as Willy wasn't fully awake yet. It can cause choking. My mistake. Apologies for this.

mini-CIMG7875 mini-CIMG7876

He sniffs at the food, but is still disoriented.

mini-CIMG7877 mini-CIMG7878

 The vet says everything went smoothly.

Phew...I am so glad.

Thank you very much for your kind prayers and wishes for Willy.

Willy's neutering is fully sponsored by Tabs & Associates!


Nicole said...

I know you meant the best interest but I just like to share that it is very risky to give food or water so soon after the cat comes out of anaesthesia, certainly not when it is still groggy. The cat may choke and in unfortunate cases, they may die.

chankahyein said...

Thank you for your kind advice, Nicole.