Thursday, July 4, 2013

Timmy plays "musical bowls" again!

Old habits die hard...

Timmy has gone back to playing his game of "musical bowls" again!

This is when he goes from one bowl to another at mealtimes, making sure he gets a bit from everyone's bowl, and most of the time, Daffodil, Ginger and Rosie would just step aside and let him eat. This explains, without a doubt, why he is obese.

Timmy is greedy. That's about all there is to it.

He went back to playing his "musical bowls" again this morning and it was hard to stop him as even though he is obese, he moves very swiftly from one bowl to another!


Timmy starts with his own bowl.


He looks up...

Now, whose bowl should I attack first?


Me wants your food!


No, Timmy, no!!


But I've finished mine!!


I put his bowl further away from the rest.

Once Mr Zurik is no longer occupying the cage, I'll lock him in for meals.


There he goes...


No, Timmy, no!!

mini-CIMG6901 mini-CIMG6902

Inside the dining room, you!!

mini-CIMG6903 mini-CIMG6905

Meanwhile, Mr Zurik has been really, really good.


His wounds have healed.

Today is Day 7 of his antibiotics.


Vincent came to the patio but still refused to eat with the rest, so I had to feed him at his pillar post.

mini-CIMG6908 mini-CIMG6909

Mr G watches from the ledge.


As I reversed the car out to go to work...

Timmy is hypnotising the bowl?


 Timmy! Willy has finished his food. There isn't anymore in the bowl no matter how hard you look at it!

Silly Timmy!


Fui Chin Khoo said...

Funny Timmy lol

Norely said...

Timmy can always opt for a lipo....for a slim, trim and firm tummy....he he he...

Chen said...

Timmy wins the top prize for Kucing Kelakar Gila award.

chankahyein said...