Saturday, July 20, 2013

Willy is NOT happy

I know, I know. I said I'd let him go today, but the vet advised another two days of medication and confinement.

So, Willy was clearly unhappy today.

The Feline Complaints Bureau is sure going to be busy today...


Willy was so angry, he scratched me twice when I tried to clean his bum today. Maybe he does not like the saline swab.

I was tempted to put the lemongrass wound protector (aka Happy Bum Soothing Gel) on my own wounds!


If my untrained eye is correct, I believe I see some fur growing back on his scrotum.

mini-CIMG7743 mini-CIMG7745

He was so incredibly bored, he started shredding the newspapers.


You said you'd let me go today!!

mini-CIMG7748 mini-CIMG7749

 To pacify Willy, I went to the store to buy a packet of toy mice for him. Hopefully, he will play with them.

mini-CIMG7750 mini-CIMG7751

He wasn't interested at all.


Cow and Tiger were, though.

mini-CIMG7753 mini-CIMG7754 mini-CIMG7755

 Mouse untouched.

Still angry.

I might just let him go and do like what I did with Mr Zurik. It's only the Clavomox now, so I think I can mix that in his food. But will I ever be able to catch him for neutering again? Risk getting scratched? He's very strong, actually. He tapped me on the arm and it was really painful, and the scratches were deep too.

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