Friday, September 30, 2011

The Blueys' whale of a time!

For happy kittens, everywhere is a playground and practically everything is a toy....

They love the playhouse...

 The kitchen rug...

 The new basket...

 Uncle Bunny watches from his pink box...
(He has reclaimed ownership by coming into the room now....)

 Helping me check stock..

Quality control....very stringent.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

One female cat spayed (Francis Tze's)

Today, Francis brought a female cat to be spayed under our sponsorship. The male (who is the brother) was neutered on Monday. These siblings' mother was also spayed under our sponsorship a few months ago when I first started the One-Street CNRM.

This is but one of the many community cats that Francis feeds on a daily basis at the playground in SS18.

This is exactly what we are striving for - to turn stray animals into community animals, to have one (or a few) people looking after them for the rest of their lives. To have NONE who will complain to the authorities. We'll provide the financial assistance for their spay-neuter and medical treatment.

If only people would stop complaining, we can create a harmonious way of living for us and the animals, living as one big community in our neighbourhood. 

Despite all obstacles and the many challenges, shall we work towards achieving this? 

Viva la CNRM!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Blueys are ready for adoption

For those who have been following the daily stories, I think you already know the personalities of Baloo and Bagheera.

Both are in good health and as adorable as ever, and they are ready for adoption now. If you're interested, please write to me at Please see below for conditions.  

(Many thanks to Chen for editing this photo for me.)

1. Both are to be adopted together.
2. If, for any reason, the adopter cannot keep them, please return them to me.
3. Please bring them to the vet when they are sick or suspected to be unwell. Do not delay.
4. Please get them spayed at 5 months of age. They are estimated to be about 2 months now.
5. Please give them space and toys to play with; and do your best to ensure their safety, health and wellbeing. 
6. Please love them as much as you love your child or yourself (the MOST important criterion). 

The Blueys are very precious to me, and the lifespan of cats is 18-20 years (or more), please be committed to loving and caring for them for their entire lifetime. 

I will take them to the vet for another check-up before adoption, and if they are ready, I will get them vaccinated before handing them over to their new family and forever home.

Thank you.

Another member of the Fish Pose Club (canine chapter)

Iris Cho shared this photo of her dog, Geli-Geli. Iris has five dogs, and only one qualified to join the club!

Well, welcome to the club, Geli-Geli!

Bobby and the Blueys

I was hanging up the clothes yesterday morning and had left the back door open and when I went to close it, I found Bobby outside in Mac's place (Mac was Bobby's longtime "friend" of 13 years, he passed away of old age two years ago. Mac had to live in the backyard which we built up for him because Bobby and he could never get along - they were fighting for 13 years. Yes, Bobby is kind to kittens and cats, but not to dogs (in his hey day)).

So I went out to see why Bobby was there.....

 I see...that's why!

Bagheera had gone out to explore Mac's place. And Bobby, though blind, had sensed it and followed her out to "keep an eye"(!) on her.

Hey, what are you doing?

I'm interested in his hairy thing....what is it?

 Bobby IS keeping an eye on Bagheera....

 Whenever the Blueys are not with me in the room, Tiger comes back.

Poor Tiger....he is my self-appointed bodyguard, but ever since the Blueys took over the room, he has been living outside, on the porch. That's cats politics and there's nothing I can do about it.

 And to make matters worse, the Blueys have also taken over Tiger's baby baskets.
This time, unlike the time with the Sunnies, Tiger has not made any fuss.

 These three were Bobby's lunch food connoisseurs yesterday. 

Three food testers?

Yes, three layers of security...but er, by the time they finished, was there any food left for Bobby?

 We and Uncle Bunny are doing the three-tiered food testing procedure for Uncle Bobby.
Nothing but the best for Uncle Bobby.

 The testing procedure takes time, of course...

 I gave this basket to the Blueys to play with to distract them from conquering Uncle Tiger's baby baskets, but there seemed to be a dispute over ownership yesterday. Maybe Uncle Tiger thinks all basket matters come under his jurisdiction? A tussle over ownership of the new basket? Uncle Bobby comes to the rescue...

 Uncle Bobby says: Tiger, you already have two, let the Blueys have this new one.

 Okay, Tiger?

Oh well....okay.

And how can life ever be boring when the Blueys are around....!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Fish Pose club member - Tuqin

Kerin shares photo of her beloved cat, Tuqin, and yes, he's the latest member of the Fish Pose Club!

Now, this here is the qualifying photo!

Monday, September 26, 2011

When the Tiger is away, the Kittens will play....

 Baloo and Bagheera taking over Tiger's two baskets. 

Unity is Strength!

 But Uncle Tiger is NOT away...he watches from the kitchen slab....

Hmm...small fries...

 Giggles!!  Yay!!  
We got it!  We got it!

Uncle Bobby is always near.

 Tiger is unperturbed by it all.

I gave them a basket of their own, but they weren't too interested. 
The two scuttle back to the piano.

We want Uncle Tiger's baskets!!

Yay! It's ours! It's ours!

Uncle Tiger's baskets are still the best!

The Blueys' playtime

 Yesterday at breakfast, Bagheera took a piece of chicken (from Uncle Bobby's meal) and slowly chewed it all up!

 Baloo still keeps to her own Baby Cat kibbles.

Her bacterial infected spots have completely healed now. It merely took 3 days of povidone iodine, and I'm continuing with the Vetri DMG since the weather has not been too good.

 Bobby finally got to his food. Bagheera has taken over Cow's duty of being the official connoisseur of breakfast. 

 Call us Cute!

 Drinking at the common water bowl.

 Now whose little paw is that?

 Yes, this one...

 Looks like Bagheera found herself a little house.

 Baloo wants to play too.

 Is she too big?

I think so....

 So I made a bigger house for Baloo.

 Still have not given up at trying to take Uncle Tiger's baskets.

 Uncle Bunny watches closely.

 Aunty Cleo....from above.
(A reader alerted me to this duck-hen pose!)

 Yay! We got the basket!

Endless fun...everything is a plaything at this age.

Don't you wish you were a kitten too?