Thursday, July 11, 2013

War at the pantry

Two nights ago, we heard a loud noise on the roof...


For possibly the first time ever (since the fall of the Berlin Wall on that same day), three titans formed a united front to battle the intruder on the roof.


The united front remained for many memorable minutes until one decided to form a back-up and two titans were left at the front lines.


The back-up.

However...either due to too many incidence of intrusions and incursions by alien parties, a ferocious fight broke out at the pantry yesterday evening that led to...


...terrifying growling, screaming, squealing and fur-flying. The war could only be stopped by the use of the "water cannon" (aka "hose"). It had to be done as Cow & Bunny were already locked in fierce battle, with neither one preparing to let go.

I was worried about Bunny as (1) he had not seemed well for a day now (already fortifying him with Vetri DMG) and (2) Cow was back to his hey-day totally cranky fight-to-the-death mindset. It scared me.

And we thought he had retired?

Nope, he has not. Not in the least. Still as ferocious as before.

Bunny was really terrified and in shock.


That's Mr Cow after my water hose drove him away from poor Bunny.

He looks fuzzy in this photo NOT because he was sprayed with water (which he was not). It is because he's all fluffed up. Cats do that to make themselves look bigger when they bully.


Tabs jumped onto the shelf for safety, Indy came to see what had happened while Tiger was as cool as a cucumber.


Bunny came into the room for shelter.

Poor Bunny...


His pupils were dilated. He was very scared.

I could almost hear him say: What hit me? What have I done wrong? 


It's okay, are safe here. Nobody is going to bully you here.


About half an hour later, Cow came into the room...followed by Indy.




WHY did you bully Bunny just now?


You!! I'm talking to you. Yes, YOU! Look at me!

I said: WHY did you bully Bunny???


I will NOT tolerate such nonsense in MY territory, you hear?

You heard what I said?


After one more hour...


Calm returned to the room.

While outside...


Vincent stayed on the sofa where it is safe.

The Patio Family doesn't know how lucky they are to be outside!

Ask poor Tabs - she's dying to get out of Bunny's Place!


Chen said...

If Bunny always look like this after being scared after a bully, no wonder he gets "consolation" food since kitten. He somehow manages to look so sweet and vulnerable and full of "poor me" aura.

chankahyein said...

Yes, that's how he became a "phant"!

Alicia said...

The picture of Tiger on the chair, the look on his face reminded me of angry birds.

Joy E. Saga said...

Ya! Agreed. That's the most angry look of Tiger I've ever seen :D

He was probably annoyed with the others who were being werecats... is it the phase of the moon time again?