Monday, July 29, 2013

Caged Mr Zurik...but he escaped

It wasn't planned, but since Mr Zurik was making a din this morning (so what's new?), I lured him into the cage to eat his breakfast. He actually readily went in thinking it was a novel idea.

Only half his body went in, actually. Smart fella, but I gently pushed him in and thanks to the lure of food, he went in. Yes, the whole Mr Zurik was in and I closed the door gently. He didn't know he'd been trapped!


Food, glorious food!


At least Willy could eat in peace.

I'm letting him get used to eating with Heidi to build up his courage of being with other cats.


Soon, Mr Zurik realised he'd been trapped and wasn't quite happy. You see, he did not even finish his food.

He started flipping things inside the cage. Nothing outrageous, though. It was bearable.

I called for an appointment for his vaccination. Might as well get it done since it's been weeks after he got neutered.

Meanwhile, something was happening on the roof at the pantry.


Little Elmo was visiting again.

His owner says his name is ET, but the name "Elmo" kind of stuck. I think he looks more like an "Elmo" too.

For that matter, Mr G's real name is "Jelly", but would you call him "Jelly"?


Zurik check.

He's a smart fellow. Why waste time making a racket when one cannot do anything about it?

He is quiet. Settled.

I had bought a pair of latex gloves at Daiso's the other day. I might use them today because I have to transfer him from the cage into the carrier. The vet suggested that I brought the whole cage. That's possible too, thanks to the MyVi collapsible back seats.


So, back at the pantry, Elmo was looking longingly at joining Bunny's Place....

Well, little fella, you wouldn't want to come here, you know.


Reason No.1


Reasons No. 2 and No. 3

The three titans are a force to reckon with and to be feared.
They are viciously territorial. Any encounter with them will see your fur flying.

mini-CIMG8239Meanwhile, I saw happy, kind and caring Timmy keeping Mr Zurik company.

Don't you just love Timmy? He always does the right thing.

I went upstairs to take a bath, all ready for the next step, to transfer Mr Zurik into the carrier (yes, using my Daiso latex gloves) and whisk him off for his vaccination.

When I came down, I heard a commotion at the patio and my husband announced that Mr Zurik had escaped.


How on earth did he escape??

Apparently, according to my husband, Mr Zurik "tricked" him when he tried to transfer him into the carrier.

KGB-trained, that is not exactly surprising, I suppose.

I went out to look for Mr Zurik but only saw Mr G and Willy (hiding under a car). Vincent accompanied me.

Apparently, Mr G chased Mr Zurik away, so I was told.

Well, another day then.

I don't think I can lure him into the cage so easily anymore. The Russian is way too smart to be duped a second time.

But as the vet always advised, for TNR cases, neuter first then vaccinate. Even if you cannot vaccinate, at least you've got the cat/dog neutered and thus prevented the births of many, many (thousands of) offsprings.


Chen said...

Reason no. 3 was trained in titan skills by Reason no. 1 & 2.

chankahyein said...

Hold it, hold it....maybe not!!! The masked avenger comes with many secrets...we haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg, man!