Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Er...what do you actually want, Mr Zurik?

His 10-day course of antibiotics is finished.

We (kind of) found out that he has a "home" to return to. It's one of the houses up our road. Each time, when he departs from our house after a meal, he goes back to this house up the road. So, maybe he is a pet there, or he just resides there?

Mr Zurik is welcomed for meals, but we hope he will not growl at everyone. He also frightens Willy, but Willy is also frightened by the shrews, so...


Mr Zurik came this morning.

mini-CIMG7163 mini-CIMG7164 mini-CIMG7166

Willy dines outside, but is always fearful of Mr Zurik.

mini-CIMG7167 mini-CIMG7168

Oh oh...

For a split second, Willy looked Mr Zurik in the eye and stayed. I prayed: Stay, Willy, stay. Stand your ground. The oak tree was once a little nut who held its ground. Be brave, Willy.

But after that split second of courage, Willy fled across the road. My heart skipped a beat. Luckily there were no cars passing on the road at that time.


He was so traumatised, he didn't even dare approach his bowl of food.

mini-CIMG7170 mini-CIMG7171 mini-CIMG7173

Mr Zurik the Bully!


Willy was way too scared and no amount of coaxing could pacify him.


To prevent Mr Zurik from going across the road to terrorise Willy, I gave him more food.




Willy goes away without eating.


Vincent seems to be saying something to Willy.


Me guard food arsenal from shrews.


Igor is already here.


Mr G is the second-in-command at the food arsenal.

This evening...


This is the Indy-like cat. She's also very scared.


I think she was hoping for some dinner, but she's just too scared of people. However, she is fed at the pavilion (but only for breakfast).


This evening, Willy sat at the stairs and didn't even dare to come across the road to his breakfast spot.


I had to feed him there.


Over at the pantry, Igor the Shrew seems to be a lot braver than Willy the Cat.


 By the way, Mr Zurik came this evening, but I had already fed Willy by then.

I don't know if Mr Zurik just wants to come for meals or he wants to make friends. Or flex his muscles?

What do you actually want, Mr Zurik?

A reply from Mr Zurik:  Я хочу, чтобы захватить власть над миром


Connie said...

Уже более холодной войны. Приходите в мир Mr Zurik!

chankahyein said...

смеяться !!!!

Joy E. Saga said...

Давайте мира во всем мире