Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A peace conference in the making?

We all KNOW that the Patio Family does NOT want to fight.

We also KNOW that Indy does.

So, this morning, during the rain, the Patio Family attempted to initiate a peace conference...


As you can see, it's headed by Daffodil, Rosie and Ginger, flanked on the sides by Timmy (left) and Vincent (right).

Everyone is here.

On Bunny's Place's side, Indy is the spokesperson.

The meeting ended quite fast, though and er...I don't know what was discussed but Vincent came into the kitchen, jumped onto the table and said something to me.


And when I came into the room, Indy bit me.

So I suppose that means it's a "no" from Indy's side?


He is still stalking. So I guess that confirms it.


Vincent would still like to negotiate, though.


One day, when you look back in life or when you have retired, all this would seem so trivial to you....one day... 

What really matters in life, folks?

Peace. Make a difference for peace, and move on.


 I'm all for peace. I don't fight.

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