Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our patchwork blanket mania continues!

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/07/28/patchwork-cotton-handmade-blankets-for-you-your-pets-and-the-animals/

We thank everyone who has bought the first batch of patchwork blankets (lovingly handsewn by my 80-year old mum) and also to the three readers who have placed orders for the next 3 blankets.

Since the whole purpose of these blankets is to help us raise funds and since practically everyone thinks they should be sold for more than RM50 for all the hardwork put in, we will raise the price in the next batch and see how it goes. We might just try out Chen's idea of the "auction". Sounds fun!

Thank you!!

mini-CIMG8215 mini-CIMG8214 mini-CIMG8272 mini-CIMG8314

Just as every blanket needs a loving home, every street animal needs one too.

If you cannot help my friends find homes, at least help them get neutered.

Every animal neutered is many, many lives saved.

Buy a blanket to save the street animals!

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