Monday, July 22, 2013

Taking Willy and Heidi to the vet's


Heidi came this morning and headed straight to the kitchen. She learns incredibly fast.


Didn't want Natural Balance. Only wants Monge. Very hungry again.

It wasn't a problem catching her and putting her into the carrier.

mini-CIMG7824 mini-CIMG7826

Willy also wasn't a problem too, but that's because he was already in the cage.


Heidi was comfortable in the carrier throughout the ride to the vet's, which took only 3 Platters' song. By the time we reached the third song, midway, she had already grown restless and started making a fuss. Was it the song, I wondered? I guess "Crying in the Chapel" wasn't a good choice... "Sleepy Lagoon" would have been better. Tsk...


Willy struggled, as usual. But was otherwise quite quiet in the car.


 Willy had gained 200g (hooray!) but he also urinated in the carrier, poor guy.

Heidi is 4.15kg.

The diagnosis: Next posts, please.

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