Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Run Free 'Lil Ones" Day

My son declared that at least once a week, Bunny & Friends should be allowed to "run free", in order words, to be allowed out of the room.

Normally, it's on a Tuesday, but since everyone was home today, we decided to make it today as well.

Here are some pictures from today's "Run Free 'Lil Ones" campaign...

Only Bunny and Indy were interested (they lined up at the grille)

Pole looked....but we figured she would definitely out-smart and out-run all of us, so....better not.

mini-CIMG8372 mini-CIMG8373

Of course Bunny simply had to sniff around everywhere...


Timmy stood, or rather, SAT, his ground.


Oh no! Bunny has sprayed!!


Indy did a round inside the house before coming out.

mini-CIMG8377 mini-CIMG8378 mini-CIMG8379

Timmy decided it may be safer to get out, with two titans in the patio!


Which cat has been here???


Washing off the urine sprays before it starts to smell.


It's an unfamiliar smell...which cat has been inside here? I don't remember signing his approval letter!

mini-CIMG8383 mini-CIMG8384 mini-CIMG8385 mini-CIMG8386 mini-CIMG8387

Checking out Mr G's scent, I think.

It's Mr G who destroys the pandan.


Bunny goes out to the porch.


He didn't see Rosie!!!


Bunny went straight for poor Timmy, who by now, had run out of the patio, after he saw he was outnumbered.



mini-CIMG8392 mini-CIMG8393

Divas are not worried. Who would DARE bully a diva?

mini-CIMG8394 mini-CIMG8395

You with the orange patches, you want to play or you want to fight?


Timmy thought he'd better run!

mini-CIMG8397 mini-CIMG8398

Oh? The cat with the orange patches has run off?

Who is bigger? Me or him?


Ain't movin', man. 


Soon, Bunny was seen chasing poor Timmy across the garden.


Meanwhile, Indy was still not done with his investigation at the patio.

A Russian has been here, I just know it. 

mini-CIMG8402 mini-CIMG8403

Timmy evaded Bunny and came back into the patio.

mini-CIMG8404 mini-CIMG8405 mini-CIMG8406 mini-CIMG8407Okay, adventure over. Time to go back!


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