Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Worth every drop of sweat! Tuscan mania!!

Before I tell you the story of the Tuscan mania, let me share a story of serendipity. I believe that is the word for accidental discoveries.

This morning, I wasn't mindful (or my eyes are failing me?). I scooped Heidi's Natural Balance into her bowl which was already full of water (I had forgotten I filled it with water last night).

But what happened was, Heidi liked it! She ate up all the food (in water) and drank up all the water as well.

Oh wow....that's good, I suppose, because I've never seen Heidi drinking water. And I guess she is too proud to share the patio water bowl too.

So I repeated it this evening, but with a bit less water in her bowl.


And she loved it!

Kind of reminds you of a grandmother's meal, right? Nice, well-blended porridge?

Then, I decided to open the pack of Tuscan....

And the Tuscan Mania began, folks!!


Ginger and Rosie sprang up from nowhere.

They must have smelled the aroma?

mini-CIMG8254 mini-CIMG8255 mini-CIMG8256

Daffodil and Vincent came in through the kitchen window.

mini-CIMG8257 mini-CIMG8258 mini-CIMG8259 mini-CIMG8260 mini-CIMG8261

1-2-3-4...who is missing?



The patio door was closed and Timmy was sitting outside in the patio, enjoying the evening air.

Come in, Timmy, come in, how can you be left out of this "opening ceremony"?

mini-CIMG8263 mini-CIMG8264 mini-CIMG8265

Timmy wasn't quite interested...??

"I'm observing my 20% diet", he says.

Indy and friends started protesting.

What about us???


Coming, coming!!

mini-CIMG8267 mini-CIMG8268

Cow went far away and had to be coaxed back.

I wonder if it is because on two occasions when I fed them the small packs of Tuscan, Cow had been sleeping, so he "merajuk" now?


Good Cow. We did not leave you out even last time. We kept some for you, you don't remember?


Back at the kitchen...



 Grandma Heidi is happy after her porridge meal.

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Yen Ling said...

Wah!!! Grand ceremony. All paws and mouth are in the tub of food!!