Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Now they are good friends

Anytime is a good time to bury the hatchet, shake hands and be friends...


You see that notch in Cow's left ear?

He got that in a back alley fight in our old neighbourhood. Came back at midnight one night with a bloody and torn ear and gave us such a fright! The vet said she might have to amputate his ear if the wound didn't heal on its own...luckily it did. Did Cow lose in that fight? He looked pretty banged up when he came back that night. But we didn't see the other cat, so we won't know.

Bunny and Cow were warriors back in our old neighbourhood. Now, living in Bunny's Place, they have no intruders to fight with, so sometimes they fight amongst themselves. Once a warrior, always a warrior? You'd understand why my titan-cats have to be confined. If they were allowed to roam freely...there will be no patio cats.


Now, Tiger...he is as gentle a a lamb and he does NOT get into any fight at all. If attacked, he would just close his eyes and stand still. But a few weeks ago, Cow attacked Tiger and Tiger landed up with puncture wounds and a fever. Luckily and despite being FIV+, Tiger's wounds healed quickly.

mini-20140129_010010Tiger says: Forgive.  It doesn't erase their crime but why should you do the time? 

Now, that's wisdom, isn't it?

Be good, Cow....please? There's no excuse nor reason to behave crankily just because your name is "Cow"!

Willy is back!!!

Willy came back for dinner this evening!!

When I was serving dinner at the patio, he came running towards us from the garbage compartment.


He looked scared, so I brought his dinner out to the wooden bench.

mini-P1280510 mini-P1280511

The rest were eating at the patio.


Don't worry, Willy. You are under protection.


He was scared of something and he fled to the garbage compartment.


I brought his food there for him to finish.


Mr Zurik went after him.


Willy jumped up for safety.


Blech! He he he...

mini-P1280526Stromtrooper Vincent just watched.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Cats...they have their own stories. We can only interpret from what we see, but they perceive the world very differently from us and we cannot apply our human values or viewpoint on the situations they face.

Good nutrition, safety, shelter, protection, lots of love and care - that's what we can provide, as best as we can.

But am really glad Willy is back.

The tussle between Bunny and his sister, Pole

This has been going on for months - Bunny and Pole fighting for the attention of Jia-Wen.


For years, Bunny had already adopted Jia-Wen and vice versa.

But lately, Pole decided she also wanted to adopt Jia-Wen as her person.

So this is what she does on a daily basis now - she "sharks" around Jia-Wen whenever he plays with Bunny AND she smacks Bunny.


See what we mean by "sharking"?

mini-P1280492 mini-P1280494



More "aww..."


Of course Jia-Wen gives her attention too, but Pole is SO incredibly smart, she has her ways of getting what she wants and here's the thing - Bunny is afraid of Pole.

mini-P1280498 mini-P1280499

Did you notice Indy on the sofa?

Indy only has one objective in life - to ensure no intruders come near Bunny's Place. He has no time for other things.


Okay, okay, Pole...


You are still my favourite cat!!

Mr Zurik and Daffodil

Mr Zurik has adopted our house as his home now.


This box is his. He has claimed it.

mini-P1280503 mini-P1280506

I think he is just so glad he has a home.

He also comes into the kitchen and sits.


His eye wound is completely dry now.


Meanwhile, Daffodil is also always inside the house.

This is quite a milestone; Daffodil had been living as a stray for more than 10 years at the playground until we moved here in 2012.

mini-P1260476 mini-P1260477Isn't this cute?

My son was sunning his laundry basket and Daffodil went inside!

z and d

The Russian and the Madame.

CaptureDaffodil, Ginger and Heidi have been asking if they could come into Bunny's Place.

Er might not be able to get out alive, seriously. Previous casualties had been Ginger (bitten by Cow, landed up with antibiotics for 2 weeks for puncture wounds, and Vincent - defeated by Indy, landed up at the vet's, but no medication needed). So, no, please.

A new tabby on the block

This morning as I was about to leave for work, I caught a glimpse of the new tabby who came to our porch at midnight and caused a commotion two nights ago.

Here are some photos I captured with my phone.


He (or she?) was hounding Heidi.

Heidi is back on the playground now that Willy has gone on CNY leave.


He growled at Heidi.


I approached nearer and he ran back to the other side of the road.

mini-20140128_075220 mini-20140128_075227

Looks like a girl?

She's definitely new to the area.


Mr Zurik came to check out the situation.

mini-20140128_075313Stromtrooper Vincent was on top of the car grooming himself.

Too trivial to warrant his intervention, I suppose?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The 23 canvas bags for the children

My friend, Yuen Foon, ordered 23 canvas bags from us for the children in her Sunday School and she distributed them yesterday.

Here are some photos:


Yuen Foon told them there was a surprise waiting for them at the basement where her car was parked.


One by one...


I got the aeroplane!




You've got the one and only motorcar!

Lucky boy!


Inside each bag is a copy of Here for a Reason.

Starting 'em young!


Thank you very much, Yuen Foon, for your generous donation to our Fund for the animals AND for planting a good seed in these children. 100% of your donation goes to our Fund for the animals. The canvas bags are donated by my mum (materials and workmanship).  She bought the materials and sewed them herself.

Ah, children - Young, eager and full of hope - for our future!

If you are a teacher and would like copies of my books for your students, please write to me. The books are all free. Just reimburse us for postage, or better still, arrange for your own collection from our collection point in Subang Jaya (Mon-Sat, 11am-6pm) - only upon request.

Our canvas bag auction will resume after Chinese New Year. My mum is making some applique designs!


Here she is, 81 years old and using her free time (besides looking after my bed-ridden father single-handedly) to contribute her skills to sew these bags and do the backing for the blankets, all for the animals. Our blanket and bag auctions have been doing well since we started, making a huge contribution to our Fund for the animals for the past few months, enabling us to go on. So, a note to those who still want to lie and cheat - do you have the heart to lie, knowing how hard-earned our funds are? Besides this, all our donors contribute knowing that we will do our very best to ensure that their hard-earned money given in trust to us, is put to proper use.

We hope you understand why we simply cannot allow our funds to go to those who lie and cheat. We owe it to our donors, well-wishers, volunteers and everyone who supports our Fund to ensure that all monies are only disbursed to honest and responsible caregivers.