Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hi Mr Zurik!! And lugging Tuscan home!

During this month, a lot of services slow down. Pos Lambat slows down, so I've been telling applicants to please use Pos Ekspres. I didn't expect Pos Ekspres to also slow down. After all, they have a "jaminan" that it will arrive on the next working day.

This particular applicant was already late (just exceeded the two weeks, the deadline being 24th July) but she had called me to ask for an extension. So I said okay, provided she posted her application asap by Pos Ekspres. She did, on the 24th, Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen delay, the mail did not arrive on the 25th. The 26th was a public holiday and I don't know if they work on the Saturday and the mail still had not arrive today.

The applicant was worried, so she kept emailing me. I had already checked, the mail had not arrived this afternoon. But since it was evening and the weather was nice, I thought I'd take a walk to go check if the mail had arrived. By the way, all applications go to my friend's shop's postbox so that the Exco can go collect and approve the applications before it comes back to me. We have a system at work here.

So I put on my walking shoes and started off from my house.

No sooner had I walked a few steps when someone (meaning, a cat, and a very familiar-looking one) came running towards me.


Oooh...Hi there, Mr Zurik sir...are we still friends?

I think we are, because I wasn't the one whom he escaped from, right? It wasn't me.

He ran towards me, complaining till no end.

Okay, okay, I hear you....loud and clear. Yes, I know what you went through today. Oh, someone locked you in the cage?? Really?? Wow...then what happened? Oh, you escaped?? That's mighty smart of you, I must say....

So he complained non-stop. I thought I should pacify the poor guy with some food (we have to gain back his trust, right, if our vaccination plan is still on?).

I turned back and he followed me all the way back to my house BUT he stopped short at the gate.

"I ain't comin' in", he said.

Suit yourself, sir.

I "buat tak tahu" and just walked back to the patio and started shaking the kibble jar.

You got to play at his game, you know. Just "buat tak tahu", don't be too eager in getting him to come in or he'll suspect something fishy. And in any case, I wasn't going to trap him. I've got exams for the next two days so I won't be able to take him to the vet.

Read my mind, Mr Zurik. I ain't trappin' you today.

Mr Zurik came....

I very casually poured out some kibbles and placed the bowl inside the cage.

You want to eat? Here's your food, Mr Zurik. I didn't say a word.

"Buat tak tahu" is the way to go....just pretend that it is very casual.


He went in, but only half the body.


Timmy and Ginger accompanied him as he ate.


But he was VERY cautious and kept looking back.

I almost felt sorry for him, but wait...isn't this what you had been doing to Willy all this while? Intimidating and taunting him, threatening him while he ate until the poor fellow could not eat in peace?

"Buat baik dibalas baik, buat jahat....?"  I didn't do anything to Mr Zurik. He was just being cautious.

The poor guy couldn't eat in peace, but he ate, nonetheless.


You put your right foot in,
You put your right foot out,
You put your right foot in,
And you shake it all about,

You do the hokey pokey
and you turn yourself around
That what it's all about.

Oh yeah, man, that's what it's all about...!

I walked nonchalantly in front of the cage, and Mr Zurik could not take it anymore. He was too suspicious, so he stepped out of the cage (without finishing his food) and followed me.

"I ain't gonna get trapped again, you villain, you", he said to me.

And I ain't gonna trap you, Mr Zurik sir. Chill, will ya?

I'm just going for a walk. Wanna come?


He followed me down the road.


All the way...until we reached "his house".

That's when he stopped and his next-door had a dog, and the dog started barking.

Mr Zurik sat at the middle of the road, looking majestic like a lion.

We parted ways there and I continued on my walk to my friend's shop.


On the way, I saw this cat. This is Francis' walk-path, so I guess he takes care of all these cats.


This looks like Willy. He's not neutered.

I reached my friend, Amy's shop and good...the Pos Ekspres had just arrived this evening.

But I saw that Amy has Tuscan on sale and all the cats LOVE it like crazy. Yes, it had been Tuscan fever inside and outside, so I thought I'd grab a pack.

But oh-oh, I did not drive.

How heavy is your biggest pack, I asked.

"6.8kg", Amy said. "You cannot carry it back, I'll deliver it to you house", she offered. Even her kind Bangladeshi assistant, Mahmud, offered to carry it halfway back for me.

No, no, I'm pretty good at walking and lugging heavy stuff, I said. I carry a heavy backpack at work and I walk the stairs. No problemo, I shall carry it back. For the cats, I'll do it.

What's 6.8kg? Bunny is 6.85kg and I can lug him around, I said.

For 1km?

You know, I used to be an exercise buff....back in the old days. But things changed after I started public speaking and AnimalCare and that's not good for me (I mean, not exercising). So, what a good way to start exercising again, right?


Here we go...


Yups, it's only 6.8kg. No big deal.


Halfway up the slope, a group of Indian walkers saw me and cheered me on, "Kuat ar you?". I smiled sheepishly. A kindly neighbour stopped his car to offer me a lift. I thanked him and said no, I'll walk.

Then, here's what is frightening. Another walker passed by and said he had just stopped an attempted robbery at one of the houses there. Right where we were! Apparently, two men barged into one of the houses, attempting to rob the occupants. This walker raised the alarm and the two men ran out. The walker managed to take down the car number and the occupants will report it to the police. Gee whizz...better carry pen and paper with you when you walk, folks, you'll never know when it might come in handy. Or, just carry your phone, right?

And to think anyone could have been the target...scary, isn't it? But I doubt they would want to snatch my 6.8kg Tuscan catfood, right? I mean, how much can you sell it for?

I continue on my trek home, up the slope. Can I call it a "hill"? I suppose not.


I met this shy cat on the way up.


Finally!! Home sweet home! Phew!

That's lugging 6.8kg of Tuscan catfood uphill for 800m. Yay! A modest achievement for the day.


Ginger greets me.

Hey Ginger, look what I got you!! Tuscan catfood!!


Hey Timmy and Rosie, new catfood!!

They didn't seem interested....not yet, eh? Wait till I open the pack and you smell the aroma!


Maybe Mr Zurik will be happy tomorrow when I serve him Tuscan?


Aznita said...

Hi Dr Chan,

The catfood looks good. Where can I get it?

chankahyein said...

I got mine from Subang Pet Products in SS18/6, Subang Jaya. All the cats love it!

Aznita said...

Thanks! My outside cats are quite picky with food. Maybe they might like this one.