Friday, July 26, 2013

Spot the mesdames!

Did you know that the plural of "madame" is "mesdames"? I didn't....until now!

Anyway, we have two madame-cats at the patio now, ie. Daffodil and Heidi.

We're going to ask you to spot them in these photos...


You see Rosie, Ginger, but where is Daffodil?



This next one is a lot harder...


You see the box of nangka, I'm sure, but where is Heidi?



mini-CIMG8115When I'm home alone, the cats can come in.

Poor Heidi was waiting outside the gate when I went out to look for her just now. The moment she saw me, she came running in. She's hungry again (dinner was at 4.45pm this evening, that's too early for her). I guess she cannot eat too much at one go. She needs small meals. So I fed her again and it took her about 15 minutes to finish eating a bowl of wetfood. Well, she doesn't have much teeth left, so that explains it.

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