Thursday, July 25, 2013

On a Wednesday morning, and would anyone like to adopt Heidi?


The morning started with the horn-locking ceremony at the patio.

This calls for...

mini-CIMG8002 brand new Daiso water-gun!


The Russian quickly runs for cover behind Mr G.

"Berani kerana benar". Vincent stays put. Hooray!


Rosie runs into the house to escape the war outside.


The original Patio (Orange) Family runs in too.

We are peaceful people. We do not fight.


Peace offering.

Eat, eat, the typical Malaysian hospitality. Heidi is here too, but not Willy.


Willy's paraphernalia.


The poor little guy is waiting across the road.

He looks thin, but the vet says he's fine. I guess I'm used to looking at obese cats!


He came over happily when he saw me.

But suddenly, in the middle of the road, he froze.

Why, Willy??

I turn around and...


You again?!!

Where did you come from? I thought I gave you enough food inside?

I had to shoo Willy back to across the road because there were cars passing.


I fed him there and stood watch to prevent the Russian from advancing.


The Russian rummages my things.


Well, never mind. As long as Willy get his meal.


The Russian isn't gone yet. He is trained in perseverance and patience.


My ever loyal bodyguard.


Heidi comes but stops in the middle of the road.

Oh no....get off the road, Heidi. It's peak hour traffic (the parents are sending their children to the kindergarten nearby).


I shoo Heidi over to the other side of the road. She scratches at this tree trunk, and proceeds to the playground.


A white cat is at the pavilion.


I haven't managed to apply any of the Happy Bum Soothing Gel on Willy's scrotum but it seems to have healed. I tried to apply some onto his V-notch, but he wouldn't let me. Anyway, I'm monitoring that too. It looks okay.


Willy doesn't eat much, just enough.


Now, Heidi...she is a big, big eater.

mini-CIMG8023 mini-CIMG8024

No one from the neighbourhood has replied to claim Heidi.

It looks like she had been dumped at the playground. The poor girl has no home to return to.


Vincent does the Happy Days stint.

mini-CIMG8026 mini-CIMG8027

Would anyone like to adopt Heidi? She is a senior cat.

About Heidi:

While Daffodil is also a senior cat but the difference is that Daffodil has lived as a street cat all her life. She doesn't trust humans and she has already carved out a life for herself in the community. She is very street-wise.

But Heidi, by all counts and measures, seems to be an abandoned pet. She is so human-friendly (as long as you are not a vet who examines her) and she would be better off in a home where there are humans to love her.

She cannot join Bunny's Place as there are 3 confirmed titans there who practically wear the "Keep your 1 metre radius distance from me or face the consequences" around their necks, ie. fur will fly and someone will land up with a 10-day course of antibiotics. In short, Bunny's Place is crowded enough as it is, by their standards.  Heidi herself doesn't want to stay at the patio as she is quite alpha. She seems to like the inside of a house, ie. the kitchen or living area, but this is highly stressful for Indy. Heidi wants to be someone's pet again.

If you would like to adopt Heidi, please write to me at As with all adult animal adoption, may I insist that you confine her indoors please (the fear is that an adult cat may run away from home).

mini-CIMG8028The Russian has kicked my Vetri DMG into the drain.


Luckily the drain is dry and not deep.

Mini-HeidiAbout Heidi:

Please read the above first, if you would like to adopt Heidi.

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