Monday, July 15, 2013

"Heidi", a member of Tabby Inc.?

This morning, there was a huge aggression between Mr Zurik and Vincent at the patio. I had to shoo Mr Zurik out as he was making all the noise and I was really worried the neighbour might complain.

When I went out of the gate to feed Mr Zurik and Willy, a Tabs-like little cat came running towards me.

Yes, you read that right - she came running to me!

My first thought was, "Eh, are you Tabs or are you Tiger?? When did you escape??" But even Tabs and Tiger wouldn't run so eagerly towards me if they had managed to escape. They would be having a field day outside.

Instinctively, I figured the little Tabs-like cat wanted food.


She did. And here she is. You tell me....aren't these Tabs' marking? She is Tabs-coloured, only her hair is a little shorter than Tabs'.


If my untrained eye is right, she looks pregnant. I think she is someone's pet because she is extremely friendly.


I had to keep Mr Zurik at bay by feeding him as he wanted to come over to antagonise the new kitty.

But the new kitty wasn't the least bit scared of Mr Zurik. She comes across as the type who would trust everyone and anyone. Someone like Tabs.


Names, names, names...we need to give her a name.


mini-CIMG7434 mini-CIMG7435

After eating, Heidi moved towards the gate. She wanted to go into the house.

I thought maybe she wants a place to deliver her kittens? But she doesn't look heavily pregnant. Of course I'm hoping I'm entirely wrong about her being pregnant. Oh please...let me be wrong.


Hmm...she is a happy cat.


Merrily we roll along,
Roll along,
Roll along...
Merrily we roll along,
Over the deep blue sea!

mini-CIMG7440 mini-CIMG7441 mini-CIMG7442

After doing her happy stint, she decided to go into the house compound.

She's very alpha. Reminds me entirely of Tabs. That's how Tabs came to our house. She just walked in with my husband from the road, announced her arrival, paid her respects by touching nose with Uncle Bobby and then, with all the other cats, and settled herself on top of the piano. She came wearing a little red collar with a bell, sometime before Christmas 2011.

When I described her arrival to the vet, the vet said she is an extremely alpha and confident cat. But "alpha" in a good way, not the aggressive "alpha". The vet was absolutely right.


Heidi looks to be the same "type" of alpha too.

Here she is rubbing herself all over my legs.


I patted her, stroked her.

mini-CIMG7450 mini-CIMG7451

She wanted more food.


Vincent watches the whole episode unfolding.

mini-CIMG7453 mini-CIMG7454

Heidi is done eating, and she wants to come in now.

mini-CIMG7455 mini-CIMG7457

Vincent says "no".

I had to step in as Vincent started growling.


I take Vincent back into the house.


But Heidi confidently followed into the house.

mini-CIMG7461 mini-CIMG7463 mini-CIMG7464

Timmy and Ginger sort of formed a barricade to prevent her from coming in again. No aggression, just a friendly, neutral kind of barricade.


What's the big deal? 

Then I went across the road to feed Willy. I saw he had just arrived at this new spot at the playground.


Little did I know Heidi had followed me across the road and the moment I put the bowl down for Willy, she came from behind me and started eating with Willy!

Oh yes, we share the food, we're friendly. 

Vincent, my bodyguard followed too.

Since Willy gave way (either out of fear or being a gentleman), I had to feed Willy on the concrete.

It's Monge, by the way, because I think Willy needs more water. I had brought Vetri DMG along for Willy too.

mini-CIMG7468 mini-CIMG7469 mini-CIMG7470

Oooh...that was a nice meal.

mini-CIMG7471 mini-CIMG7472 mini-CIMG7473

I broke up the confrontation and everyone (including Heidi) came back into the house!

I hope Heidi has a home (I'm 100% sure she is someone's pet based on her total trust and friendliness) and I hope she will go back. It isn't exactly safe for her here, with Vincent and Mr Zurik around.

Now, the other possible theory know how Tabby Inc. is a covert group, right? Yes, it's a covert organisation (of the good kind) and its mission is to instil peace in all catkind. Maybe, just maybe, Heidi is one of their secret operatives? And she is just coming in to pass some intel to Tiger? That explains why she came into the house, right? And the fact that she is the same colour as Tabs...strengthens this possibility, doesn't it? And Vincent doesn't know her, because Vincent is a new recruit.

Hmm...we'll never know, would we?


Joy E. Saga said...

Try giving some boiled mashed pumpkin.. add into the monge. Just a wee bit to 'ease' his poo.

Nice to see Willy has a friend, Heidi.

chankahyein said...

Thanks for reminding me about pumpkin! Will try that.