Monday, July 15, 2013

Of titans and "normal cats"

So, ever since Tiger and Tabs get to come out to the living room to chill, Tiger has been demanding to come out every day. Well, I don't know if you could call it a "demand" as such; he whines so pitifully at the gate until you just have to let him out.

First, we had Vincent and Ginger inside the house, but Tabs and Tiger started getting close to Ginger and the encounter did not look too friendly, so we quickly let Ginger out. Only Vincent remained.

But today, Indy also demanded to be let out. Now with Indy, it IS a demand. It is not even a request.


I guess Tabs felt sorry for Indy, so she pleaded on his behalf too.


Tiger stood neutral. He did not want to be an accomplice to anything just in case...(knowing how mad Indy can be).


Sure enough, Indy went straight for poor Vincent who was just having a nap and started terrorising him. I caught Indy and put him straight back into the room. Phew! That was close.

Later, something worse happened. Cow asked to be let out and well, with my daughter home, Cow always gets privileges, so he was let out. Oh my goodness...luckily I managed to grab Vincent and my daughter grabbed Cow before he launched a full scale attack on Vincent. No casualties, no worries. Everyone is fine. But I tell you, Cow is scary. VERY scary. When he goes to war, there is no stopping him at all.

When I later related the two incidents to my husband, he said, "Well, how do you think Cow & Bunny managed to keep our old road cat-free for 6 years?". Yes, he's got a point there. The two of them guarded the entire road and even house-cats didn't dare come out of their homes when Cow & Bunny were patrolling or watching. Bunny used to sleep in a side alley and we named it "Bunny's Alley".


In the evening, I let Tiger and Tabs join the Patio Family for dinner, but Tiger was more interested to explore the patio while Tabs...


...Tabs went where no patio cat would go to...inside the carrier.

mini-CIMG7412 mini-CIMG7413

Tabs remained inside the carrier until I had to pull her out to take her back into the house.

Now, if only any patio cat or outside cat would go into the carrier, how nice that would be...


Mr Zurik was waiting at the patio too, but when he saw Tiger, he walked away.

Outside at the porch, Tiger went after him, but he growled at Tiger.


I think he felt humiliated at having his membership application rejected, so he growled at Tiger.

We are NOT friends anymore. I thought you'd let me join. After all, aren't we of the same...colour?

Er...bad argument, Mr Zurik. You're talking to Tiger. Tiger, the one who knows no racism. Tiger, the Mandela of cats.

Mr Zurik, the criterion for joining Tabby Inc. is this: You have to be a peaceful cat. We don't care what colour you are or what markings you have.


The dejected Mr Zurik had his meal outside.

Sobs...I couldn't join Tabby Inc. Sobs...


Meanwhile, Willy was waiting across the road.


I think I would have to catch Willy tomorrow and take him to the vet. I notice he always has faeces dangling at his anus. And his scrotum looks reddish.

But he is still eating very well.


Back at the house, Ginger and Vincent were better off in the porch then inside the house.


I went out to check on Willy again. He seemed fine.


 It isn't fair!!  I was just sleeping and two black-and-whites (Indy and Cow) suddenly attacked me for no reason!!

It isn't fair!! I'm putting in a formal complaint. 

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