Monday, July 8, 2013

Igor visits...for lunch and dinner!

Two shrews have been visiting our pantry very often these days. It all depends on their moods and the time of the day, but sometimes Cleo, Tabs, Indy and Cow will chase them.

I am quite sure it's Igor and Otto visiting...

During lunch time today, we had a visit from Igor, I think?


добрый день, Igor!

mini-CIMG7106 mini-CIMG7108 mini-CIMG7109

Then, at dinner time, he came again.


I heard the familiar clackity-clack sound of nibbling in the pantry.


Only Tabs was awake and watching...


After sometime, the clackity-clack sound stopped.

Igor had finished nibbling at all the leftover kibbles.


The smart little thing was looking for more.

Hmm...anymore up there on the slab?


The smart little fellow comes towards me...

(Now, I have to admit...for a shrew, this is EXTREME bravery. He deserves a green beret for his courage in approaching a human to ask for something.)


Me wants food, please....


In case you haven't noticed, the food's here is all finished. But me still hungry...

My boss, Mr Zurik, said I could ask for more and you will surely give.


And Mr Zurik is right, so I gave him more.


I'm watching Tabs but she did not attack.


Cow is not exactly asleep as he did look up several times, but...yawn!

mini-CIMG7120 mini-CIMG7121 mini-CIMG7123


Lazy Sundays are the best, aren't they?

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