Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mr Zurik is back again!

This morning, I was actually very worried as Mr Zurik had not come for breakfast at all. That was most unlike him. I was worried that maybe, just maybe, he was having a fever as a result of the vaccination. The vet had assured me that the likelihood of that happening was very slim. In fact, the vet was more worried about Mr Zurik getting caught in the rain and the Advocate spot-on would have been washed away and hence, wasted. Rain? No rain these days. The weather is so, so hot.

But as I was driving out to work this afternoon, Mr Zurik was just about coming into the porch. In fact, he was already in, but the moment he saw me, he ran out.

"You!! You villain, you!", he said.


But he stayed at Willy's spot and watched me drive off.

After I came home, he was nowhere to be seen.


Rosie helped me mark my papers...


Heidi came to the patio, asking for food.

She eats so very often, in small amounts.


And finally, when everyone started asking for food...

I heard the familiar whining!

This time, I was actually glad to hear it!


Mr Zurik! Come, come, come...Let's eat!

mini-20130731_193102 mini-20130731_193116

I will make it a practice of letting Mr Zurik eat in the cage every day. At least if I need to, I can still confine him.


Heidi asked for her porridge.


 The inside brood isn't too happy that I'm outside the room!

By the way, there might not be many photos until after Hari Raya as my camera had to konk out today (sigh, sent for repairs), so I'll only be using my phone to take pictures and the phone is not too efficient (or, I'm not skilled enough to use the phone!).


Dayana said...

Hello Dr. Chan,

is Mr. Zurik owned by someone for your neighborhood?

chankahyein said...

Hi Dayana, I am not sure if he has an owner as he only appeared recently. We have tracked his movements and he always goes into a certain house up the road. I don't know if he is their pet, but I doubt it. Maybe he has a place to chill out in that house compound. Would you like to adopt him?

Another possibility is that he may have ventured a bit further than his usual territory and discovered he can flex his muscles on Willy and Vincent, and he gets a thrill out of doing that!

Mr G, Elmo, Bushy Calico and Snow White all belong to one house at the back. They have an owner.

Dayana said...

Hi Dr. Chan

Thanks for the reply. I was just asking because there are a few cats that like to come over to my house recently and I started feeding them. They will usually come at expected times (in the mornings and evenings). One of them is now pregnant but I noticed that she may have some health problems. I was thinking of bringing her to the vet but I'm scared that if she does have an owner, her owner will be mad/angry at me for taking her pet to the vet.

What do you think? should I proceed (of bringing her to the vet) or should I just leave her be?

chankahyein said...

If you know the owner, please do ask the owner and discuss what is best for the cat. If the owner allows you to take the cat to the vet, then do so with the owner's consent. For eg, Mr G's owner allows me to treat his sores with medication.

Having said this, a vet advised me that if any animal comes into our compound and needs to be neutered or medically treated, and we do not know if the animal has an owner, then we should do the needful for the sake of the wellbeing of the animal.

For Heidi, I have already sent out an alert to the whole neighbourhood, but nobody came forward to claim her, so I shall proceed to do what is best for her.

I hope this helps.

Dayana said...

Hi Dr. Chan

Thanks for your advice. Will try my best.