Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rosie and Ginger's new "house"

It's been raining these days and the nights are cold...

 A new shipment of tshirts (Faces Black and White) just arrived today and the box is now Rosie and Ginger's new house.

 Dinner time!

 It's raw meat (with calcium-rich neck and wingtip - all kampung chicken) plus homegrown wheatgrass.

 It's great that Rosie and Ginger appreciate the food.

 Hey, what about us??

 Well, all of you are offered the same food, but you fellows are vampire-junkies, remember?

You don't know how to eat bone, and I have to stuff the raw meat into your canned food before you'll eat it.


 On cold, cold nights, happiness is a warm pillow.

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