Sunday, December 23, 2012

On the Timmy Trail

I did not see Timmy yesterday as the workers were busy at the playground. He must have gone into hiding.

But this morning, Timmy came into my house compound!! He must be hungry...

Now, Timmy can REALLY talk.

He mewed loudly.

Food's a-coming, Timmy. I rushed in to get the container of kibbles.

 By then, Timmy had gone out as my husband was driving the car out and there was too much of a commotion in the porch. So I laid the food out in a bowl.

 And Timmy came!


 But Rosie and Ginger were also here and they were not exactly very happy about it.

Yes, I'm NOT happy. 

 So I had to pacify these two...

...while Timmy at least gets his meal for the day.

 He looks good, not emaciated at all, so I suppose he does get food from one of the houses.

That's good.

I think he could even be one of Daffodil's many offsprings? Note the colour and the tuft-tail, exactly like Daffodil's.

 To pacify these two, I had to give them some kibbles as well.

But Ginger wasn't happy at all, so he went out and chased Timmy away.

Timmy mewed....

I had to intervene and luckily, Ginger isn't as psychotic as Cow, Bunny or Indy, so he actually "listened" and stopped in his tracks. Then, he went inside the drain while Timmy mewed some more from a distance.

 For Round Two, I hid behind the gate. Timmy is more wary now, because he is cautious of Ginger.

Ginger chased him again!


In he went into the drain again.

Round Three.

 Good boy, Ginger. Your friend is hungry, please let him eat.

Ginger stopped chasing Timmy.

Yes, it's all about vibrations and whether you succeed in transmitting them OR it's all just pure luck. But I'll bet cats have their own rules and we don't have a say at all!

 See the stumpy tuft-tail? Exactly like Daffodil's.

 Now what?

You're not bringing another cat in, are you?

Later, as we drove off, we saw Timmy chilling by this pile of sand.

Thus ends today's story of "On the Timmy Trail".

P.S.  I've been very concerned that one of Mr G's friends got poisoned yesterday (brought to vet, too late, could not be saved). His owner told me and she was devastated. She suspects it's the same neighbour who had been poisoning her cats previously. Now, another one of Mr G's friends have gone missing, and it's been four days now. Sigh... Here's the WHOLE problem with humans - they use killing as a way to solve their problems. There must be a good reason why "Thou shalt not kill" is in almost every major religion. Killing does NOT solve problems, it just generates more negativity and bad vibrations to the world.

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