Saturday, December 22, 2012

On the homefront

Talking about "quacks", I too have six of them on the homefront (all of them except Tiger!).

 The sight above is RARE, truly RARE. But because of the heavy rain last night, one gets to view such an extraordinary sight. Otherwise, it's at least a one-metre radius from one titan to another.

 Ginger came for early breakfast today (as early as 5.30am). I think he lives in the patio now, because I saw him on the platform inside the cage last night! Then, after an hour, he came to the grille to call me.

Mum Daffodil must be here...?

 Yes, Ginger had brought him mum for breakfast.

While she was eating, I noticed a sore behind her ear. As she was hungry enough, I managed to get close enough to dab some iodine on it. Dressing it with Dermacyn is out of the question for now.

Later, she came back again...I thought I'd try my luck, so I gave her some kibbles.

 But I could not get close enough without frightening her away.

This is a shot taken from the window (through the glass) of her wound. It doesn't look too bad, though. I wonder how she got that wound.

Meanwhile, inside...Cow is incensed that Ginger has been coming into the house. Each time, Ginger comes to the grille, Cow would stand on this side of the grille and work himself up into a psychotic frenzy. He would fluff up and pant heavily, like he's so stressed out and about to burst. It's scary. Yes, I have two "quacks" on the homefront.

 And both are black-and-white.

Above is an impending fight between Indy and Cow this morning, stopped in the nick of time by the water-gun.

Ironically, Indy had his once-weekly liver (plus blood), it's his favourite, this morning. Is that somehow related to his behaviour? I already restrict that to once a week...

Cow lost the fight and backs down.

Indy has been winning the fights lately. Our masked hero appears to be on a bullrun...

This was another fight that happened last night.  I think the two were contesting for a good position to see a little toad that had wandered onto the grass. They can fight over anything....pretty much like humans, eh?

 Cow, our misunderstood cat, is a total pussy with my daughter. Yet, she has also been bitten by him as well. No one is spared when Cow goes on a frenzy. That's just the way he is...being Cow.

 Now, these are the total opposites. These are non-alphas.

But even then, Rosie does bite too, but only when playing.

That red mat is shared between Ginger and Daffodil.

P.S. Mr Quack has arrived in his new home now. We all wish him all the best for a happy, happy, happy life. Mr Quack's neutering was sponsored by Tabs & Associates and we will be sending him a pack of food too!

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BoBo Salem said...

hey guys,
you all got a pwetty sister
and of course a lovely mom!!

God bless to all of you and your human

BoBo Salem
Meow Meow Family