Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feline terrorism on the rise?

Maybe it has something to do with 21.12.12, or maybe not, but feline terrorism seems to be on the rise in our neighbourhood ever since Mr Quack invaded our otherwise peaceful neighbourhood.

 I saw this just now.

Hmm....Mr Quack has claimed our house and is preventing other cats from coming in?

No can do. So I brought the water-gun out and sprayed him away.

 The moment Rosie and Daffodil saw me at the gate, they came running from the playground as though they were so relieved. Poor things...Mr Quack must have been terrorising them.

 Oh no... Water-gun to the rescue!

 Daffodil watches from afar.


 Quack goes after Daffodil when he could not get Rosie.

 Hmm...our whole neighbourhood has complained so many times, but looks like the authorities is slow in cleaning up the mess they left behind. But I digress...

 We're watching, we're watching...

At times like these, I'm glad all my cats are confined. A small price to pay for safety from the danger outside. Yes, it can be a jungle out there, folks. Feline terrorism is scary.

 I left my gate open so that Daffodil could come in.

We had already taken down the netting on the gate for Daffodil, but doing so has also made our house very accessible to the Quack's tyranny.

Mukda passed by so I told her what had happened to Ginger, how the wound was actually very serious and should any other cat have a similar wound, it should never be left untreated.

I also told Mukda about Quack and she said Quack is a misfit. He snatches food from the rest of the pavilion cats and he urinates on all unfinished food. Oh gosh...he is very territorial.

I hope Daffodil feels confident enough to come into our compound for refuge, but what's there to prevent Quack from coming in, right?

  One step at a time, I suppose. We can only do so much.


Agnes said...

If Quack is not neutered, how about using the cat trap to catch him for neutering? Hopefully this will tone down his terrorist behaviour?? He can be released after an overnight stay at the vets.

chankahyein said...

Have already arranged with Mukda. Let's see how it goes!

Choong CK said...

Hi Dr. Chan, believe the date should be 12.12.12 instead of 21.12.12. Have a nice day.

chankahyein said...

Hi Mr Choong, I meant it as a pun on the 21st Dec 2012 Mayan-calendar-ending prophecy. Hence, 21.12.12. Some quarters believe "strange things", even catastrophic events, will be happening around the earth. Today IS 12.12.12. Thank you for your keen observation!

The hoax: http://www.snopes.com/science/astronomy/blackout.asp
An explanation about the fear: http://www.2012hoax.org/maya-prediction

Joy E. Saga said...

I agree with Agnes. I think neutering will tone down his territorial behaviour, even just one notch would be good enough.

chankahyein said...

We definitely thought about it, Joy. Mukda said he can never be caught...so far.

mas said...

Quack reminds me of Abg G. quite territorial, never a time been able to touch him, though have been feeding him for a year ++ now. but one fine day (last month) am able to catch him, confine him for 2 days at my house and get him neutered. now he's a pussy :P

but before that happens (sending him for castration), i put him in a cage in the middle of the "community" center, bring other cats one by one and put them on my car (higher than the cage position), just to show Abg G that the area are also belongs to other cats, not only him. i dont know the reason or whether he understands the point. i did this for 2 days. i brought him for castration on the 3rd day.

Now, he still fights and being territorial, but has been greatly reduced and he can even sit with other cats, the same cats he used to fight with before. not sure is it because or the castration or what, but just do anything we can think of, as long it brings no harm. i can now just call him by name and pat him, dont have to use towel to catch him (that's how i manage to catch him for castration)

maybe can try this, if can catch him, of course :)

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Mas. If anyone can help me catch Quack, I'll be most appreciative. His feeders says he cannot be caught and is quite a misfit at the pavilion.

Agnes said...

I use the cat trap that springs shut automatically to trap the hard-to-catch strays. Secure a piece of strong-smelling fried fish head as the bait with some kibbles placed along the path from outside the trap door leading to the bait inside. Once trapped the cat will be very traumatised and hitting the sides of the trap resulting in slight bleeding on the skin of his nose. He has to be sent to the vet straightaway.