Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happiness is picking up cat faeces! (Ginger Day 3)

First thing this morning, Ginger was sitting on the floor mat I had placed in the cage. And why? Because he had urinated and defecated in the litter-box!

Yay! What a great way to start the day!

The faeces was a bit hard, but well-formed.

 A treat of raw meat (the works). He loves it!

 Dermacyn treatment. He'll just sit quietly to let me do it. I'm amazed.

If only I could do this with Cow, Bunny, Pole and Cleo. That family of a kind. Why, yesterday was deworming day, and I only managed to do Tiger, Tabs, Indy and Bunny (yes, you read right - Bunny!). I haven't had the courage to try Cow, Pole and Cleo yet because I just got bitten by Ginger yesterday and cannot risk more puncture wounds as yet.

Could I just digress a bit here on deworming as I'm planning to use the Diatomaceous Earth for my cats:  If you have experience in using it, please do share by leaving a comment on this post - thanks!

Back to Ginger now, I must say that Dermacyn is really good. The recommended treatment is just to place a cotton wool over the wound and soak the cotton wool with Dermacyn. Hold it for 5 minutes (as taught by a friend).

Our disclaimer holds. Please consult your vet for professional advice.

 Rosie came running from the pavilion when I took Ginger out on his leash. They touched noses and Rosie groomed Ginger. Aww...

 Eat, brother, eat. You need your strength to get well.

 Cage it clean?

 You'll never get to see the Cow family being this close to each other.

Yes, drink lots of water too. 


 It certainly looks like the wound has healed a lot. That's iodine on it.


More self-grooming.

 And lots of stretching.

There's still a slight limp, though.

Ginger is more comfortable with the leash today and he walked around. It's all about giving them time to adjust and understand. Lao Tzu immediately come to mind: Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished. (Not applicable to emergencies, please).

Today will be Ginger's 2nd jab. Friday would be the last.

 It's back to the cage with the good sister for company.


Alin said...

Good to see them supporting each other when needed.May Ginger recover quickly and cheerfully as before.

Joy E. Saga said...

It's so heartwarming to see such love within the community cats... and now they have a safe place to hang out. Thanks so much for giving them a home :)

Bern said...

Yes i agree with Joy E Saga. Thank you Dr. Chan for welcoming them into your home and providing a safe sanctuary.