Friday, November 30, 2012

Rosie, Ginger and mummy Daffodil's morning sojourn

Every morning, Rosie and Ginger meet up with their mum, Daffodil, at the playground. All three will have breakfast at the pavilion and later, chill out together.

Lately, there had been some construction work at our playground and they have not cleaned it up yet.

It's quite an ugly sight, actually, but the people in charge have promised to clean it up.

 While the human residents have lodged a complaint, the cat residents take advantage of the "mess" and revel in it!

Rosie looks exactly like her mum except for the tail.

 Daffodil, the mum.

 Doesn't Rosie look like her? (the difference is only the short tail)

These pictures were taken this morning. It's such a pleasant and heartwarming sight each morning, to see the family getting together.

And now, it's almost dinner time for Rosie and Ginger, so I have to go out and feed them....raw meat.

With wheatgrass, wetfood and kibbles, of course!

Semua mahu, semua taruh.


cindy said...

did you manage to spay Daffodil?

chankahyein said...

Feeder and wife are managing her and the pavilion clan. Have to check with them.