Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good morning, Ginger

At midnight last night, there was an "episode" at the gate.

I heard the sound of cat growling. Armed with the water-gun, I went out to check.

It was Mr Quack inside our gate, growling at and preventing poor Mr G from coming into our compound.

Mr Quack thinks he owns our compound? No, this cannot be established, so it was the water-gun to the rescue and both cats ran away.

Looks like Mr Quack is a bit of a tyrant and is very territorial, isn't he? I hope he learns to live peacefully in our neighbourhood. The water-gun might be needed for this education to take place.

Meanwhile, this morning, I came downstairs and found Rosie sitting demurely in our dining room. I guess she must have been in the house all night. That's good, at least I don't have to worry about her safety, or if the crazy Mr Quack had attacked her in any way.

I fed the brood first and then went out to feed Ginger. By then, Rosie had gone to the Pavilion for breakfast.

Ginger looks okay, but is terribly bored. He made little mewing sounds, asking to be let out.

I gave him a treat of raw meat with Monge and wheatgrass. I hope that sort of compensates for the fact that he is being caged.

I regret not buying the cat-harness I saw at the vet's yesterday. Wanted to....but the vet assistant said some cats won't even move when the harness is on. I know that to be true because we've tried it on Cow and Bunny before. Bunny rooted himself to the earth and refused to move. Cow started flipping like a fish out of water and it was a sight most scary, like a scene from a horror movie. I had wanted to use the harness on Ginger so that I could take him out on a leash to the grass to urinate and defecate. He doesn't seem to want to do it in the cage.....so far.

Maybe I should buy the cat-harness, but today's a public holiday and the shops may be closed.

Yesterday morning when Francis came over and let Ginger out for awhile, he quickly went to the grass to urinate. It looked like he was holding it back. But Francis was around so he could easily catch Ginger again. Still, there is no guarantee that Ginger won't run off and we won't be able to catch him again for his antibiotic jabs. So I cannot take that chance of letting him out.

I am slightly comforted recalling what a vet told me regarding this concern. He said cats will urinate and defecate when being caged, and that there was no need to worry about this. They will do it when they cannot hold back anymore. He said the only thing they might not do is to eat if they feel too intimidated by other cats due to territorial behaviour. He had seen cats starve to death because they were too frightened to eat. Imagine that...fear supercedes hunger.

Ginger polished up his breakfast today, so I'm not so worried. I even managed to pour a bit of povidone iodine on his wound and was I imagining it....but I thought his paw did not look so swollen anymore. I hope the antibiotics is working. The vet seemed confident that should do the trick.

Since Ginger was so bored, I decided to let him tear up newspapers.

At least that kept him occupied for sometime.

Today is only Day 2....three more days to go. Looking on the bright side, I'm thankful Ginger got treated and I hope he will fully recover by Friday.  

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Joy E. Saga said...

I once fostered a stray cat with her single baby kitten. She too would shred the paper to bits. What I did, was put a cut up box, at least it wont be as shreded. Also i used old clothes /tshirt as the layering and if it got soiled, wash; if too dirty, throw. Just a suggestion on alternatives :)