Monday, December 24, 2012

Where is the rain shelter??

When it rains, the cats run to their own "rain shelters". Some are kept secret from the humans and try as you might, you'll never be able to locate it, but some are visible to the human eye...if you look hard enough...

I've often wondered where our community cats (like Ginger and Rosie) run to whenever it rains. They will disappear...and then reemerge after the rain, totally and absolutely dry, without a single raindrop on their fur.

It never fails to amaze me. They are gone even before it rains. They'd never ever be caught wet in the rain....

 An hour ago, there was a thunderstorm in Subang Jaya.

 Ginger and Rosie had completely disappeared from the patio...

They were here all afternoon, but they are gone now.

 Where could they be? In some drain, somewhere?

I prayed for their safety. If the rain is too heavy, I prayed no cat will be swept away by the gushing rain waters in the drains.

Suddenly, there was some movement under my car....

 Hey! Ha ha...guess the family has a new rain shelter now, and I'm glad.

There was Rosie, Ginger and even their mum, Daffodil!

I didn't go out to look as Daffodil looked frightened. It must be her first time hiding under my car. Her children must have convinced her it's safe here, but she, being cautious, will not take any risks.

In fact, Daffodil is SO smart and cautious, I could not even get her into the carrier after two tries. She's certainly smarter than the Quack! I had wanted to dress her wound, but I couldn't catch her! She would be just 10cm from me, but there's no way I could catch her.

Back to the rain shelters now...where are the rain shelters of my inside brood?

 For Bunny, this is his rain station. It's the cul-de-sac in the room.

Pole is under the covers.

 The rest are under the bench.

Pole emerges first, as the rain subsides.

Cow comes out from behind the door.

 Cleo would rather play it safe.

 Tabs too.

 Tiger, though not alpha, is brave. He comes out.

What rain?? 

  Me drinks blood and eats ze iz not afraid of ze rain. 

Move over, Cow & Bunny, Indy is the NEW boss of the clan now.

I'm not the boss anymore?


Chen said...

Cow looks so pretty!!!! More pretty Cow pictures, please.

chankahyein said...

He seems and looks more subdued now that Indy has taken over as Ze Boss.

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Your brood is so adorable!!!!

Joy E. Saga said...

Wahahaha... what a great story to start my Christmas Eve! :))

My furkids are not as alpha as yours (I think), but they do have their moments ... and fortunately, they are not afraid of the rain and even if there's a thunder, and they run helter skelter, I call them, they will come out from where they are too me. In fact they love the rain (me too) and they will be napping, all curled up into a ball on a warm bedding :)