Friday, December 7, 2012

Some aww... photos (Daffodil Day 3)

Daffodil defecated yesterday and again today, so all is well. She urinated as well, and her appetite is super-duper good. Like Rosie and Ginger, she can really, really eat.

These photos would tell today's story, at breakfast and lunch.

I opened the door, but Daffodil didn't want to come out.

 Well, then, Rosie will go in instead.

 Hi, mummy!!


 Now, why aren't my own cats as sweet as Rosie?

 Rosie and Daffodil.

Compare them to Cleo and Pole?

Pole "disowned" Cleo when she was 4 months old, but Cleo has never given up following her mother around dutifully, trying to establish the relationship. It's been more than 5 years now. Cleo will be 6 years old come February. The only "person" Cleo is afraid of is Pole, her mum. To the rest, it's "don't come near me or you'd live to regret it". Cleo doesn't have to bite, hiss or do anything. She just LOOKS. That is enough to scare the rest away. I guess she inherited her mum's steely eyes. And she is a Calico, so that explains the attitude.

 And what about us? 

This is lunch time.


 I've been giving Daffodil Vetri DMG daily in some wetfood, followed by kibbles.

Don't want to eat the kibbles?

 It's ok, mummy, see...the food is safe. I eat here every day.


 Rosie grooms her mum while she eats.



 And she licks the platter clean!


Joy E. Saga said...

Sigh... such sweetness. If only humans can be more compassionate. All is not lost i hope.

Chen said...

Even Rosie Posie's backside is pwetty!!!!