Thursday, December 6, 2012

The aliens have landed! The aliens have landed!

No, it's not 21st Dec 2012 yet, but it looks like the aliens have already landed and are invading Bunny's Place....

 Alien No.1

 Alien No.2

Oh no!!  What should we do?? 

They are not just passing by. We have been INVADED!

Note: Who is on the frontlines?

 This must be serious...even Pole (aka Alice Cullen) is on the alert....


cindy said...

Mateirlas for a Garfield (cats that is) followed-up :) ??

BoBo Salem said...

Wow..Tab is most alert!!
cool down Miss Tabitha, they meant no harm
we pwetty sure of it

BoBo Salem and catlings

Chen said...

Alien no. 1 is vewy, vewy pwetty.

chankahyein said...

Yes, she sure is, yah? But if you look closely, one half of her nose is missing. Don't know why, maybe born like that or lost it in a fight. However, you can't really see it because of her markings. Pwetty Rosie Posie.