Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crouching Ginger, Hidden Dragon (Day 4)

The day started with a delicious meal of raw meat (meat, skin, gizzard, bones) plus Natural Balance and then it's off for a walk in the park.

Here's the Winter Sonata walkway leading to the pavilion.

Go, Ginger, go!

 But er...Ginger was very he walked, but crouched low, and very slowly.

We've often noticed this manner of walking in cats when they are cautious and on unfamiliar grounds - they crouch.

 And they make quick one has to hold on real tight to the leash!!

They never walk. They crouch low, then they dash!

Cats are super strong and very muscular.

 Yes, beware the hidden dragon in the crouching Ginger....beware.

 Sitting Ginger?

Rosie was in the basketball court, so I brought Ginger here, but Rosie ran away.

It's strange, but that's the way cats are. The moment you put them on unfamiliar ground, they behave differently, like "Who are you? Do I know you?" and they will be on their guard. After all, these are descendents of crouching tigers, hidden dragons.

Dogs are different. As long as their human is around or even nearby, they throw caution to the wind and will trust that their human will take good care of them. way. They trust no one but themselves.

 Let's go home now, Ginger.

On home ground....but still crouching.

 The other tigers...all hidden dragons.

 A bit less crouching...because we're on familiar ground now.

His favourite place and he tries to leap out.

No, Ginger, not yet.

 Clean up the wound again, after the walk.

A good massage...

 And it's back to the den for the crouching Ginger.

For Part 2, stay tuned...

P.S. Daffodil came to visit this morning and when she went off, the Quack was with her.  

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Joy E. Saga said...

To catch Quack, follow Daffodil ...

Anyway, I read that Wheatgrass juice is also good for wounds. So I'm going to try on Maori's non-healing wounds. Just a tip. Will try and see if it works. Perhaps we can even use for Sporo (wishful thinking!)