Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No Quack in sight

Ginger slept through the whole afternoon. He seemed to be exhausted. Many it's the excitement from the visit or just the excitement (human vibrations can be transferred to the animals, I was told).

So we had a totally peaceful and quite afternoon.

 Dinner time!

Plonking the pill in was as easy as the previous times, so it's not beginner's luck after all. He is just so easy to pill. My conjecture is that non-alpha cats are easy to pill. I think I could be right because I have 6 alphas with Pole and Cleo who rank "Impossible". These two have issued death warrants out to whoever tries to pill them. I'm not kidding. Anyone is welcome to try. My latest experience (yes, I am a slow learner) was during the deworming session last week. I succeeded in plonking the wetfood coated pill into Pole. She must have eaten up the wetfood in a split second because she spat out the pill, intact. It shot out straight like an arrow from her mouth. With Cleo, I'm lucky I'm still alive and am able to write this now - ten fingers still usable.

Four claws and one jaw, and from a Calico - that's LETHAL.

But here's the catch - a stranger might just succeed because they know they cannot bully strangers.

Anyway, after dinner, I took Ginger out for a stretch and a walk. He's getting used to the routine now.

We looked for the Quack.

 Have you seen Quack today, Indy?


 Seems like the Quack isn't around at all.

We only saw a butterfly.

No Quack.

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