Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ginger out on a (short) leash (no escape!) and Quack visits

 There was an alert at the pantry last night, and this time, it was Tabs who raised the alarm.

 It's the Quack lurking on the ledge!

 Looks like only the tabbies were able to detect the scent this time.

 Yes, Mr Quack?

 The rest soon saw him on the ledge.

 Do not react...and he might go away. That is how we avoid fights.

You know what, Pole, you may be right...

 This morning, Ginger was making a racket after I put the harness on him, but this time, under VERY close supervision. Yes, it's back to not even blinking an eye.

 Today, I see a HUGE improvement in the healing of the wound.
Patience, time and the concerted effort, that's what it takes. Some things cannot be rushed.

 Dermacyn treatment.

 With sister as nurse.

 Extra vigilance is needed when Ginger turns - that's when he will try to slide out of the harness. Keep a short leash and hold it such that the buckle is on top. Gosh, this is harder than invigilating human students in an exam!

 Keep the buckle ON TOP. Always.

 Only in the house compound this time, not going out.

 As Ginger and I were on the grass, the Quack walked in, nonchalantly. I was holding on to Ginger and I couldn't place food or the catnip.

Anyway, we may not be able to catch the Quack so soon, so I think the next best thing is to "make him less antagonistic" and I suppose, based on theories of peace, that would be not to think of him as the "enemy", but rather, to send him positive thoughts of goodwill. After all, our top priority is that he doesn't attack Ginger. Neutering him is the second priority and this is also dependent on Operasi Quack Plans B, C, D, etc.

Ginger was afraid when he saw the Quack (who was, by now, sitting under my car), so I carried Ginger and put him on the bench with me. We also do not want Ginger to be afraid of the Quack. Fear sends negative vibes and it makes an aggressive animal attack. I hoped that placing Ginger on the bench (being higher up) would help him be less fearful of the Quack.

 And someone else is even higher up, and she is not afraid!


MS said...

Hi, where do get this Dermacyn? Is it gel or solution? Thanks.

chankahyein said...

I purchased Dermacyn from a pharmacy. It's a human product for sores and wounds. It's a solution, not a gel. Pls do consult your vet first.